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7 Alternative Therapies for Unwell Children

Many traditional cold and flu remedies are not recommended for young children; at best, they simply do not work, and at worst, they can have some nasty side effects. 
However, as a parent, you want to be able to help your child when they are unwell actively, so what can you do if not medicate them?
Have you considered the benefits of alternative therapies?
Now, this may sound a bit unconventional, but natural health remedies and alternative therapies have been used for centuries to help fight off infections, not to mention to protect against a whole host of genetic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. 

#1 Honey & Lemon Juice 

This well-known concoction is ideal for soothing and healing a sore throat and other symptoms of the common cold. 
The lemon can help dry up any congestion your child is suffering from, whereas the honey can act as a coating on the throat, making swallowing less painful.
Simply mix one tbsp of honey with one of lemon juice and heat for 20 seconds in the microwave; instruct your child to swallow the mixture slowly, a sip at a time.

#2 Chamomile 

Mostly associated with calming you down and helping you drift off to sleep more easily, chamomile can also be used to treat colic. Small amounts of room temperature chamomile tea can help relax your baby’s intestinal muscles and make them feel more comfortable. 

#3 Fresh ginger

If your child suffers from travel sickness, ginger can be incredibly effective at combating nausea. For children aged 2 and over, steep a tsp of grated ginger in boiling water and allow to cool. Best drank at least half an hour prior to your journey. 

#4 Peppermint

For times when your child has overindulged, peppermint tea can work wonders to ease a stomach-ache and help aid digestion
However, this is not advised if your child has either stomach flu or a case of food poisoning; in this case, cinnamon capsules are known to help, although you should seek medical advice if your child is not showing signs of getting better after 12 hours. 

#5 Echinacea 

This medicinal herb has been used for centuries to help treat and prevent colds by boosting your immune system. Giving your child either echinacea or elderberry extract from Health Monthly can also help shorten the length of their cold considerably. 

#6 Cayenne Pepper 

If your child suffers from nosebleeds, cayenne pepper can be used to stop the bleeding as this spice has the ability to help blood clot
Pinch your child’s nose as you usually would with their head tipped slightly forward (rather than back as previously advised) and then apply a small pinch of cayenne pepper to each nostril using a cotton bud; the bleeding should stop fairly immediately. 

#7 St. John’s Wort, Lavender & Aloe Vera

Sunburn can be extremely painful for children and shop-bought aftersun is not as soothing or beneficial to your child’s skin as a mixture of pure aloe vera, lavender oil, and St. John’s Wort applied to the affected area.  

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