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30 Things I Love About My Sister {Happy 30th Birthday to You, Sister!}

I don't feel like we are old enough to say that we are both in our 30's, but here we are! She's probably going to kill me for this post, but that's one of the things I love about her! 

She wouldn't dare brag on herself, but I will do it for her! 

I may be older, but I look up to you - a lot! 

You are incredibly smart!

You're an awesome, Mom! CC is lucky to have you!

Thank you for giving us CC - she is one of the greatest gifts you have given me! I'm so grateful our girls get to grow up together! 

You are an amazing baker and cook - I wish I had taken up as much interest as you did in the kitchen when I was younger. She can take practically anything out of the fridge and turn it into something delicious! 

I love when I get peanut butter and banana cupcakes as a birthday treat - I consider it a gift and they are so scrumptious! {About that...can I go ahead and put in my request for this coming year?!}

I love your sense of fashion and style... which is why I always tried to raid your closet when I could fit into your clothes...many moons ago! 

You always look put together, no matter what you are wearing. 

I love your organizational skills - clearly we know I need more of that in my personal life!

I love that my girls adore their "Aunt Tendel" and my oldest refers to that title like there is no other.

I love that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

You don't take ish from anyone and you never have! 

You always stand up for yourself and you have taught me that it's okay to stand up for myself too!

Some of my most favorite memories include you! 

You are steadfast in so many things that matter! 

Your honesty - even if I don't want to hear it, you're always honest.

You set a goal and you achieve it. ALWAYS! 

Your commitment to your students - past and present. I admire the way you keep up with your past students and are still so committed to them.

You strive to make the world a better place! I'm super proud of you! For so many reasons, but mainly because you make the world a better place! 

When someone says we look a like, my heart does a little happy dance - I take that as a 
major compliment to look like you! 

I love your ability to just say no sometimes. You are not afraid to say no and stick to it. 

I love your enthusiasm for Harry Potter movies and I would venture to say you could recite most of them from memory. 

You've made a priority to keep yourself in shape and you take your health seriously, which I've slowly realized I need to do myself. 

I love the relationship we both have with Will {our brother} and the three of us together.

I love that you are our "designated" family travel planner. You always pick the best places to go, eat and things to see! 

Your love for exploring new places and travelling! 

Your unwavering love for kitty cats.

Her green thumb - have you seen her garden in the Summer?! 

I get to be your sister! We may not always agree and I may drive you crazy with my quirks, but I am so grateful to have you as my sister! 

Here's to you, Kendel! Happy 3oth - I pray that this season of life you are about to enter is filled with joy! May your day be filled with celebration! Love you much!

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  1. Great photos and Happy Birthday to your sister. I cried when I turned 30 lol.


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