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Your Family's Ultimate Adventure Awaits at Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach! #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show for providing me with tickets in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.

 Pirates and mermaids and sea lions, oh my! What do you get when you combine an all-star cast of pirates and their crews with an amazing set, and a feast you won't soon forget? You get an unforgettable family adventure at the most fun place to eat in Myrtle Beach, SC- Pirate's Voyage Dinner and Show!

Situated in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Pirate's Voyage is an exciting family-friendly experience! With an action-packed pre-show and an unforgettable feast and pirate adventure show, your family will be engaged and amazed from the moment you step foot inside of Pirate's Voyage!

Our family had the pleasure of being first-time attendees of a Pirate's Voyage show, during a recent visit to Myrtle Beach. When I shared with my children that we'd be going to the show, they squealed with excitement. My son (age nine) has loved pirates since he was a little guy, and my daughter (age 3) couldn't wait to see beautiful mermaids in person!

Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach, SC

While we read up on the show before we headed to Pirate's Voyage, we weren't totally sure what to expect other than a pre-show, and then the live show (which includes a dinner that is served during the show). Our expectations were exceeded from the moment our evening at Pirate's Voyage began!

From the moment our bags were checked and our show tickets were scanned, it was pirate talk all the way! The fun pre-show helped prep us for the amazing show we were about to see upstairs.

Pirate's Voyage not only offers the full live show with a feast of a dinner but also a pre-show in the downstairs of the theatre. The entire downstairs sets the tone for what will be an amazingly fun night! After our tickets were scanned, we headed around the corner to the pre-show area. The room was filled with a small stage and lined from front to back with tables and chairs for guests to sit and enjoy a drink and a snack before the main show. Our crew feasted on popcorn and a soft drink. The popcorn was served in a souvenir pail with a shovel, and the soft drink was served in a souvenir cup. For both the drink and popcorn, the total was $12.00, which was surprisingly inexpensive considering the souvenir cup and pail.

Here's B during the pre-show, enjoying a snack (which he did finally share with the rest of his crew) and waiting for the singing to begin!

The pre-show was so much fun! It lasted for about an hour, and really got everyone into the pirate spirit! The pirates came around to our table and chatted with the kids, which they absolutely loved. From there, the pirates took the stage with guitars and tambourines and led the audience in a pirate sing-a-long. The songs were catchy and fun (and my kids were singing them the whole ride home after the main show!), and everyone in the audience participated!

We loved singing along to the pirate songs!

The pre-show also included an introduction to a live sea lion!

We watched in amazement as Salty the sea lion wowed us with tricks! Not only is Salty adorable, the kids were blown away to see a real sea lion up close like this. Next, we were entertained with amazing juggling, and even more singing! We would have been content with the pre-show alone... it's so much fun and makes the ticket price beyond worth it!

Waiting for the main show to begin!

Off to the side of the small stage of the pre-show area is a salon where little princesses and pirates can play dress up! Parents can purchase everything from a full makeover to individual dress-up items like hats, tiaras, swords, and wands. Kiddos can even get their hair done or get 'tattoos.' Behind the dining area for the pre-show is the gift shop, which we loved walking through. There were tons of gifts and souvenirs available for purchase. My own little pirate and princess chose a pirate hat and tiara to wear during the show. Each was under $10.00.

And now for the main event... the live show & pirate's feast!

A glimpse of the main show's theatre which includes tiered seats with dining benches.

We were wowed when we walked into the main theatre. It is quite large, yet intimate enough to feel like you are a part of the show no matter where you are sitting. The tiered rows of seats are bench seats with a bar-style table going all the way across each row. We were seated on the sapphire (blue) side, and the opposite side of the theatre was the crimson (red) crew. Little did we know, each crew would be fighting for their proper place among Blackbeard's pirates.

Live tropical birds flew about the theatre after we were seated! It was so exciting to see live birds quickly flying above and in front of our seats!

We were blessed to have front row seats in the middle of the lagoon for our time at the show. Absolutely amazing. We were in the center of it all, and all of the action took place mere inches from where we dined. My husband and kids were stunned by the sight of not one, but two enormous (15 ft) pirate ships in the indoor lagoon (15 ft deep!). We couldn't wait to see the pirates battling for Davey Jones' treasure!

Blackbeard and Calico Jack led the Crimson and Sapphire crews to search for the lost treasure.

The show began and we watched in utter amazement as the performers made their way from ship to 'land,' twirling, climbing, and tumbling while singing all the way. The stunts never ended! There were so many acrobatic acts during this show- I just wanted to stay and watch the crews show off their skills all night! They were so impressive! On the ship, the crewmates climbed poles, swung on and off of the ships, did aerial stunts, and diving stunts into the water! It was incredible! On 'land,' right in front of where we sat, the crewmembers tumbled and jumped, twirled, danced, and so much more! I felt like I had floor seats at the Olympics!

The acrobatics were superb! There was so much action packed into 90 minutes!

Our crew was absolutely captivated during the entire show!

The Food: A Feast Fit for a Pirate!

The meal begins with hot soup and bread.

As the crews searched for the lost treasure of Davey Jones and battled one another to find it, our tummies began to grow hungry, which meant that it was time to feast! Included with your show ticket is a full feast of a meal! Our server got our drinks situated as the show was beginning, and a few minutes into the show, he was back with hot soup and bread! The soup was a delicious creamy potato chowder (the mix is available for purchase in the gift shop), and a delicious cheddar biscuit. We sipped our soup from our mugs like pirates and broke our bread to dip it into the soup. It was so tasty!

A feast for a pirate is included as dinner during the show- and it's absolutely delicious!

I could have feasted on soup and bread alone, but that was only the beginning of our dinner at Pirate's Voyage! As we finished our starters, our plates were then filled up with nearly half a roasted chicken, pulled pork, corn on the cob, and half of a potato! The chicken was roasted to perfection- so moist and delicious! The pork was amazing, too! BBQ sauces are provided, so you can add if wanted or needed. The corn was buttery and sweet, and the potatoes were creamy! It was such a feast, I couldn't possibly clean my plate... but my three-year-old tore into her chicken like a wolf, and chowed down on her corn on the cob. She hardly left a morsel behind.

These guys couldn't peel their eyes away from the action as they ate!

With corn kernels stuck to her chin, Beanie was enchanted by the live mermaids during the show.

Live mermaids beguiled us as we enjoyed our meal.

Bean was extremely excited to see mermaids. She absolutely adores mermaids and we were so happy to learn that they were part of the show. Their water stunts were amazing, and their swimming was beautiful to watch. Next, the pirate crews were at it again with swinging, tumbling, and diving stunts! They blew us away as they soared and tumbled through the air, landing in the water (and splashing us in the process). I was nervous for them and amazed at the same time. They are truly fearless performers and incredibly skilled!

Swinging pirates, ready to tumble and dive into the water! Incredible!

A fire-wielding pirate set the ship and lagoon ablaze during the show!

B's favorite part of the show was when the main ship and lagoon were set ablaze! A warm flash met our eyes as we watched the lagoon glow! The fire quickly died out and we watched the gorgeous aerial acrobatics of the captains of the Crimson and Sapphire crews. Of course, a love story was gently woven into this exciting pirate adventure!

We even got to see Salty again, along with an additional sea lion, who was a part of the show, and participated in the relay games!

Of course, Davey Jones and his skeleton crew had to make an appearance!

It was so cool to have the theatre glowing under black lights for part of the show! The kids loved it, and we were all eerily excited to see pirate skeletons diving into the water and taking over the pirate ships! Davey Jones also appeared, which was a highlight of the show!

Time for Dessert and Games!

Beanie licked every last crumb of the apple turnover dessert from her plate! It was so yummy (and warm!).

As we were served a delicious dessert of warm apple turnovers, we were in for yet another treat- the pirate relay games! Each crew- Crimson and Sapphire had to compete in the games for the ultimate battle in the course to find the lost treasure. Not only did the performers participate in the games- the audience did as well! Select members from each side of the theatre were invited to participate in various relay games! It was so much fun to watch, and we hollered and cheered for our Sapphire crew from our seats.

The sea lions competed and raced one another in the relay!

The water bucket relay joined performers and audience members for a fun game!

The conflicted team captains each defended their crew during the games.

Epic sword fighting took place just inches from our seats!

As the show began to wind down, Davey Jones reappeared with an important message for grownups and kids, alike. The treasure was found and the two crews joined together to celebrate! The closure of the show was absolutely magical! There were so many lights, banners, dancers, acrobatics, tumbles, dives, banners and flags, water raining down from above- it was just outstanding!

Treasure galore!

It was so beautiful to see the theatre filled with happy audience members, truly caught up in the magic and mystery of the show! My kids were simply captivated from the moment the show began to the very last clap of the hand.

Time to dance and celebrate as the two sides come together!

We so enjoyed celebrating with the performers at the close of the dinner show! It was fun to watch them dance, and the music during the show was so enjoyable. The best part for me was hearing sweet Dolly Parton singing one of the main themes during the show. I just love her, and if you hadn't already realized- Pirate's Voyage is a Dolly Parton Company Show. The end of the show does offer a bit of information about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, which provides books for children. She is such an incredible lady, and I truly admire her passion for giving back to the community.

We will never forget our night at Pirate's Voyage!

From the pre-show to the end of the main show, our evening at Pirate's Voyage was packed full of action, laughter, and fun! We were continually wowed by stunts and plenty of surprises. Pirate's Voyage is something you should experience with your family at least once, if not many times more! I have many personal friends who make annual trips to Myrtle Beach and spending an evening at Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show is an absolute must for them. That's how amazing the show is, and that's how well-loved it is by those who have attended it.

Check out my kids' reactions immediately following the show!

Want to Go? Plan Your Evening at Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show!

We cannot wait to experience Pirate's Voyage again! My kids are already asking to go back, and as luck woud have it, we'll be back in Myrtle Beach during the dates that the Pirate's Voyage Christmas Show will be going on! The Christmas Show combines all that you love about Pirates with the magic of Christmas. It would make an amazing gift for your family this holiday season! If you can't catch the Christmas show, the Pirate's Voyage and Dinner Show is offered throughout the year, and show tickets would also make a phenomenal gift! My family is leaning more toward gifting experiences, and this is truly an experience you will want to share with your loved ones!

Be sure to head to Pirate's Voyage for more information about the Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show! Check the show calendar for dates and time for the traditional show and the amazing Christmas show, which runs through January 4, 2020. Click here to purchase tickets.

Connect with Pirate's Voyage on Twitter, and Instagram.

I can't thank Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show enough for hosting us for such an incredible evening of wholesome family fun! Be sure to look for Pirate's Voyage in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide in the Family Entertainment & Travel category.

I hope you get a chance to catch the show in person! It's an experience you & your family will remember for a lifetime!

Have you ever been to the Pirate's Voyage Dinner & Show? What did you think? If you haven't been, are you planning on visiting? 

Drop me a comment below or over on MBP social media @mommysblckparty on Twitter and IG or @mommysblockparty on Facebook.

Be well, me hearties! Yo Ho!

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