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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- We're Heading to the Play-Offs!

Happy Saturday, friends. I know last week I was excitedly sharing that it was the last weekend of the soccer season, but it turns out R's team made the playoffs and we'll be heading back to the soccer field again today. I feel two ways about this.

The first-  I am ecstatic for my daughter and her teammates, of course! It was a rough season for them, but they tried their absolute best (most of the time) and they get another chance to play, which they love to do. 

Last night's practice-R was wearing sweat pants and her fleece jacket. It was COLD!

The second- Worried. The weather is downright disrespectful right now. We were at practice last night and my teeth were chattering for almost the entire hour we were there. I brought a blanket, had on a hoodie, and I still couldn't get warm. It was not fun. 
Hopefully, since the sun is out, it'll be a bit warmer during today's game. 

D is in here, among the pile of sweaters, scarves, and blankets!

 I do have beef barley soup in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner! That will warm me up if the weather wants to keep up the disrespectful streak. 

I hope you have a spectacular Saturday! Let me know what you're up to by leaving a comment below or catching me on the MBP Facebook page !

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