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The Only Reusable Shopping Bag System You Will Ever Need: Lotus Trolley Bag + #Giveaway #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Lotus Trolley Bag for providing me with product to facilitate my post. 
All thoughts are my own. 

Picture it... a mom walks from her car to the line up of shopping carts at ALDI, with two (or more) kids in tow. The oldest child is claiming their independence by trying to force the quarter into the chain lock release while the youngest kicks and screams, refusing to work with their struggling parent, who is just trying to get their toddler safely buckled into the shopping cart. Mom's purse is sliding down her shoulder, she has a hot mess of reusable shopping bags all dropping to the ground beneath her feet. She bends over to pick up the bags while reminding her older child not to take their hand off of the shopping cart, and she bonks her head on the cart's handlebar as she stands up. Embarrassed, she brushes her hair out of her face and feigns a smile as a sweet older woman walks past her and says, "One day you'll miss all of this, dear." 'One day,' she thinks to herself, 'but today is not that day.'

Been there? You'd better believe that  I have, and up until a week or two ago, that was pretty much the norm for every single grocery run adventure I've ever had with my two kids. I always feel like I am schlepping tons of bags around when I am shopping at ALDI (and if you didn't already know this, ALDI is my all-time favorite store for groceries & pretty much everything else). I keep a big mess of bags stuffed into other bags on my back porch and try to keep a few in the trunk of my car, for those planned and unplanned grocery stops.

If you've ever shopped with your own reusable grocery bags (good for you!), you know that it can be a struggle to keep them organized while shopping, keep them from falling apart while in use, and keeping them stored at home or in the car. Well, I am pleased as punch to introduce you to the amazing Lotus Trolley Bag- the reusable shopping bag system you didn't know you needed.

Meet the Lotus Trolley Bag!

It came as no surprise to me that the Lotus Trolley Bag was invented by women. In an effort to save time, money, and the planet, the Lotus Trolley Bag offers a reusable shopping bag system that makes it easier than ever to shop, sort, transport, and put away your purchased goods!

There's an easier way to shop & sort!

The Lotus Trolley Bag Wide Cart is perfect for your entire grocery haul!

When I typically head into a grocery store (ALDI is my go-to), I am usually tangled in a mess of reusable shopping bags while trying to manage my purse and my kids, while shopping for groceries. Kids provide enough of a distraction for me to forget half of what's on my list. I recently switched my mess of shopping totes for the Lotus Trolley Bag and my shopping trips are pleasant and organized once more!

Instead of a huge mess of bags in or under my shopping cart, the Lotus Trolley Bag provides a complete system of four wide-cart reusable shopping bags that attach right to the cart while shopping. Yes- four bags! The bags all connect to one another with Velcro and fold up accordion style. The large purple bag has handles that wrap around all of the bags and easily attach the bags to the shopping cart, so they are out of your way while shopping. No more dealing with bags falling off your shoulder or onto the floor during your shopping trip.

My loaded grocery cart is ready to head to the checkout line!

I had a lot of folks stopping to ask me about my shopping bags during my first trip to ALDI with the Lotus Trolley Bag. They all seemed to be intrigued by the bags attached to the cart handle. I was excited to share how the system works with them, and some of them even headed over toward the checkout lines to see how it worked to load up groceries!

Part of my grocery haul, ready to be sorted into the Lotus Trolley Bag after checkout.

The bagging area of ALDI is always frustrating for me, because I have so many bags, and I always hope I have enough of them to haul all of my groceries home in. With the Lotus Trolley Bag, I know I have four large bags, ready to hold all of my groceries!

Load them up & get going!

One system, four reusable bags- so easy & convenient!

When you're ready to start sorting and loading your groceries into the bags, simply remove the Lotus Trolley Bag from your cart handle. Fit the wide bags into the cart, and pull them like an accordion to open them up. The large arms of the bags will hang over the sides of the shopping cart, which will allow the bags to sit securely and stay in place as you fill up your bags. Amazing!

Side view of the Lotus Trolley Bags all loaded up!

I live this system so much! The set includes an insulated bag (which is heavy duty) and keeps al cold and frozen items cold. It does have a velcro closure to lock in the cold. The other three bags- blue, tan, and purple, are perfect for holding your other grocery items. I used one bag for produce, another for soft items, and the other for boxed and canned goods. The bags feature small pockets for smaller items. I really appreciated this, as I had purchased a few toiletry items and medicines, and the small pockets were perfect for holding those.

There are even built-in pockets to hold your eggs, and your wine bottles! I really dislike the wine bottles rolling around in the cart, or falling over in my other shopping bags. These Lotus bags make sure there are no wine accidents- very important to this Italian mama.

The bags detach from one another, and each bag has its own closure and handles.

When you're ready to load the groceries into your car, remove the bags from your cart one by one. The bags detach from one another, and close at the top. Each bag has a set of handles so you can quickly lift them out of your shopping cart and transfer to your car.

My trunk, all loaded up with the Lotus Trolley Bag.

The bags fit nicely into my trunk and stayed put during the short drive home from the grocery store. It was super easy to load them into the car and unload them at home.

We made it home!

All of the bags from my Lotus Trolley Bag system on my kitchen floor after being brought into the house.

It was so easy to unload and put my groceries away, thanks to this amazing system! I have never had a more pleasant shopping experience. My husband even loves going shopping with the Lotus Trolley Bag and asks for it each time he runs to the grocery store. There are no more trips to the store with no bags, or purchasing cheap bags that rip before you make it home! These bags can be used over and over again, and are environmentally friendly! We'll never shop without our Lotus Trolley Bags again!

Product Features:

4 Bag Set
Egg & Wine Pockets
Machine Washable
Removable Rods
Durable Double Stitching
Mold-Resistant Mesh Bottoms
Fits Standard U.S. Grocery Carts
Detachable & Multi Purpose
Pockets for Produce Bags or Small Items
Family-Owned Small Business
Easier, Faster, and More Organized! The only reusable shopping bag you'll ever need.
With 800+ five 🌟 reviews!


Want them? Get them!

The Lotus Trolley Bag makes an amazing gift! I am very much considering gifting these to my family members who I know are avid ALDI or Sam's Club/Costco shoppers. This system is made for those wide carts, and there are other bags systems and produce bags available as well!

Head on over to Lotus Trolley Bag to take a look at this amazing system, and to purchase a set for yourself or as a gift this holiday season!

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Want them? Win them!

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Special thanks to Lotus Trolley Bag for partnering with us this holiday season and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers.
Look for them in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

Good luck!


  1. I would like to win the Lotus Trolley Bag because I am trying to cut down on using plastic bags and I need a better system.

  2. I would love to try the Lotus Trolley bag. I've been looking for better options than plastic bags, and actually have the Lotus bag on my Amazon wish list. =)

  3. I love that I can separate out my items into freezer, fridge, grooming items, pet stuff and more.

  4. I like how it fits on the cart and the compartments for couponing or separating the items.

  5. I would LOVEEE this to keep my groceries organized while im in the store and for when I leave, I also hate the amount of bags that get wasted with carrying all of those groceries. This would benefit my household a lot!

  6. I love our you can separate cold items from other things.

  7. I want to win these because they would be perfect when I shop at Aldi's.


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