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Ten Fun Party Games For Kids Of All Ages

1. Pin The Tail On The Donkey (Or A Variation Thereof)

For a classic game that kids love, try playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can buy inexpensive versions of this game online or you can make your own. Simply hang a picture of a donkey on the wall at a height that kids can comfortably reach. Place a blindfold on one of the children, turn them in a circle, and then have them try to pin a tail on the donkey in the right place.

You can also play variations of this game. For instance, for a mermaid-themed party, you could have kids try to put a tail on a picture of a mermaid. For a fantasy party, on the other hand, you could hang up a picture of a dwarf and have kids try to pin the beard in the right location. Add some sparkle to your party by buying light up toys wholesale.

2. Musical Chairs

This is another party game that has been around for years and is still as fun to play as ever. To play, create a circle of chairs that has one chair fewer than the number of guests. Turn on some music and have all of the party attendees begin walking around the chairs in a circle. As soon as the music stops, everyone should try to find a chair. Whoever doesn't make it to a chair in time is out. At that point, another chair is taken out of the circle and the game continues. The winner is the last person that remains.

If you don't want to deal with that many chairs, you can also play without any chairs by having the kids simply drop to the ground when the music stops. The last person who makes it to the ground is eliminated. Another option is to have the kids freeze in place as soon as the music stops. If anyone moves after that point, they are out of the game.

3. Tossing An Egg

This game can be played with raw or hard-boiled eggs, depending on how willing you are to deal with a mess. It is a lot more fun if you play with raw eggs, although it is also a lot messier. For this game, the party guests pair up with one another. Make sure you have an egg available for each pair of players.

The objective of the game is to toss an egg to one another without breaking it. Have the kids start close to each other. Each time they toss the egg without breaking it, they need to take one step back, furthering the distance between them. The winner of the game is the team that makes it the furthest apart without breaking their egg.

4. Gunny Sack Race

To play this game, gather together enough oversized pillowcases or burlap sacks for the guests at the party. Each participant should place their feet inside their sack, pulling the top of the pillowcase or sack up to their waist. Once everyone is ready, the race can begin. The goal is to make it to the finish line. Jumping or hopping is usually the only way to move since the sack limits the ability to run.

5. Pass The Present

Although you need to prepare ahead of time for this game, it is a lot of fun for kids – especially when they are young. Buy a prize that you are willing to give away to the guests. Consider choosing something that relates to the theme of the party. Make sure that it is something that the kids attending the party will enjoy. Put it in a box and wrap the box in layer after layer of gift wrap. Make sure there is a layer for every child at the party.

To start the game, have the kids sit next to one another in a circle. Turn on some music and have the kids begin passing the box around the circle. Randomly stop the music. The kid holding the package at that time gets to remove the outer piece of wrapping paper. Keep starting and stopping the music, having the child holding the package unwrap another layer each time. The winner is the person who takes the last layer off. They get to keep the prize.

To make it more fun for everyone to play, consider placing candy or a small gift like a balloon between each of the layers of wrapping paper. That way, all of the kids will get some kind of prize.

6. Egg Race

 Like the other egg game, you can either choose to hard-boil the eggs or leave them raw, depending on how much of a mess you want to clean up. With this game, each player balances an egg on a spoon. Holding the egg, they then have to race to a predesignated finish line. If they drop their egg, they have to place it back on the spoon before continuing.

7. Hunting For Treasure

Everyone loves hunting for hidden treasure. One easy option is to simply hide candy around a certain area of your home or garden. Turn everyone loose to search for treasure. Whatever they find, they get to keep. 

Another option is to hide tokens around the area where the party is taking place. Whichever kid finds the most tokens throughout the day is the winner and they get a prize. You can use whatever tokens you want. Usually, something related to the theme of the party is a good choice. For instance, for a princess party, you could hide sparkly gemstones.

If you want to put more effort into the planning process, you can also write clues for the guests that they then have to solve to find where the treasure is hidden.

8. A Balloon Relay

What could be more fun than pairing balloons with a footrace? Have your guests form teams with four players each. Divide each team in two, with two team members on one side of the room and two on the other. To play, have a member of each team hold an inflated balloon between their knees while hopping across to the other side. When they reach their teammates, they have to pass the balloon to them. The race continues until all of the team members have made it across.

There are other variations of this game as well. In some cases, two teammates hold the balloon between their backs while traveling across the room. Alternatively, you can have all of the team members line up on the same side of the room. Each child gets a balloon. One at a time, they have to race to the other side of the room, sit on the balloon, and pop it before running back and tagging the next person in line. The team that finishes first wins. 

9. A Wheelbarrow Race

With this game, party guests team up into pairs. One person acts as the "wheelbarrow" by placing their hands on the ground and having their partner grab their feet. The team member in the wheelbarrow position has to use their hands to move across the ground while their partner walks behind them, holding up their legs and helping them go in the right direction. The team that crosses the finish first wins the game.

10. Duck, Duck, Goose

Another traditional party game that is still incredibly fun to play is duck, duck, goose. One person is chosen to be the goose. The rest of the kids all sit in a circle with their legs crossed. 

The "goose" walks around the outside of the circle, gently touching each person on the head as they pass by. With each head that they tap, they say the word "duck". As soon as they reach the person that they would like to have chase them, they say "goose" when they tap their head. That person then jumps up to their feet and starts chasing them around the circle. 

The goal of the "goose" is to try to make it around the circle to take the person's seat before they catch them. If they make it, they don't have to be the goose anymore. If they get caught, on the other hand, they are out of the game.

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