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Stranger Danger- How to Explain to Kids

It goes without saying that at one time or another we all have the talk about stranger danger with our children.  In current times it seems so predominant an issue that we are teaching our kids so much earlier on than I was taught.  So how do we explain stranger danger to our kids?  Isn't someone always a stranger before you meet them?
I had a hard time trying to determine when E should be taught about stranger danger, because I didn't want him to be scared of people.  I didn't want to promote that there were bad people in the world that would or could hurt him.  As parents we work to ensure our children feel safe and comforted.  How does that work if we are explaining that some people will not work to make them feel safe and comforted?
We have to explain it and I know it so after some serious thinking and praying on my part, I found a way to explain in a way that didn't scare E or put anyone down.

I explained that all people are strangers.  You can be friendly and you can say hello and smile, but only if Mommy is with you.  You do not go anywhere without Mommy, Grandma or your Aunties.  One day you will meet someone that is a stranger that will become your friend but it is Mommy's job to make you ready to be that friend.  You will know when someone will be a good friend and someone that will not be when you grow up. 

How did you explain stranger danger?
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