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Romantic Fall Gateway Spots in the US

Love is the food of life and travel is desert. Traveling keeps your love alive and adds a little more sweetness to your relationship. If you want to keep your love alive, keep traveling now and then.
Traveling provides you the opportunities to spend quality time with your partner and understand each other better. There are plenty of romantic fall gateway spots in the United States, which are perfect for a romantic escape.  Here are some of the best romantic fall gateway spots in the US.

Savannah, Georgia:
It is one of the oldest cities in Peach State.it is also known as the “Forest City” due to a large number of species of Oak trees.  Savannah is full of rich culture, charming oak trees, delicious culinary and an ideal Southern gateway.
 It is situated on the side bay of River Savannah. River street near Savannah River is famous for night long walks, and authentic southern cuisine is served in the riverside restaurants. Souvenirs are also available at riverside shops.
The best viewing site is the breathtaking scenery of Forsyth Park. Other beautiful sights to enjoy with your loved ones are Bluff Drive, Isle of Hope and Intercoastal Waterway.
 As the oldest city of Georgia, Savannah attracts millions of visitors every year. The main attractions are the historic buildings, Cobblestone streets parks. Famous historic places to visit are Georgia Historical society and First American Baptist church.
When we mention the romantic spots, how can we forget about the beaches? Savannah has the most beautiful beaches with clear water. The weather remains warm throughout the year so a perfect date at any time of the year can be planned. Tybee island is a famous island with three public oceanfront beaches and two riverside beaches. 
Saranac Lake:
Saranac Lake is a cute city situated along 46 high Peaks Upstate New York. It is a little town full of smiling faces and flowers. The giant clock Tower welcomes all the visitors. The main street of the town is a perfect romantic spot for long walks having a hand in hand. Fall foliage in the town is breathtaking and longer as compared to the other parts.
If both of you are hiking lovers, you must try tracks from Saranac Lake. Perfect stay in place in the beautiful town is Ampersand Bay Resort. They have wooden cabinets on shores so you can enjoy the stay in along with the romantic view of the sunset. The best place for dinner Blue Moon Café and you would not be able to forget the great taste served by a loving couple here. Origin Coffee is the breakfast place that gives you delicious homemade muffins.

New Orleans:
New Orleans has a unique architecture which is a mix blend of French and Spanish that gives a European influence. The food and culture are also one of their kind due to this influence. Best things to do are the night walks around the Garden District and French Quarters.
 New Orleans is of the top foodie cities in the country so you can find the best cuisine and fine dining in places here. Beignets, fried oysters, crawfish, and shrimp po’boy are must-try foods. 
This city is at the bay of Mississippi River, and you can enjoy a riverboat ride also. New Orleans is full of art and artists and artisans. While walking around the city, you will notice many artists and painters selling their work.

Catalina Island:
Catalina Island is a perfect romantic fall gateway spot as it is also known as the “Island of Romance” only one-hour boat ride away from Long Beach, San Pedro. Dana Point to the town of Avalon. This island is full of romantic sights, and the best thing to do on the island is to rent a golf cart and explore the island. 
Wriggle Memorial and Botanic garden is the best point for a picnic, romance and provide the best view of the island and ocean both. You can enjoy the Glass bottom boat ride with your partner as the water is snorkeling and clear.
Hotel St. Luanne is considered as the top-rated stay in by providing rooftops with lounge chairs to enjoy the sunset.
San Diego, California:
San Diego is an ultimately romantic and thrilling city, located in southern California, few miles north of the Mexican border and 3-hour drive from Los Angeles.
The weather remains warm throughout the year. It is a very beautiful and lively city with enchanting seashores like La-Jolla, breathtaking sights of Point Loma and forgettable sights of Coronado island. 
The culinary art scenes are at its best. The city is full of iconic landmarks and famous for its classic wooden roller coaster. Hotel Del Coronado, Theme Park in Mission Bay, and Belmont parks are the must-visit places.

The United States of America is full of beautiful romantic fall gateway spots. We tried to elaborate only a few of them to provide a proper guide. You can enjoy your vacations to the fullest by witnessing relaxing sun-swept sands, awe-inspiring sunsets, balmy moonlit breezes, heart-pumping surf, and spontaneously friendly environment. If you are a citizen or eligible national of a VISA waiver Program country you should fill ESTA Form and provide basic personal information as asked in the form. ESTA Questions are very easy and about your biodata.

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