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Revelation: Re-charging is Absolutely Necessary

Summer is ending, fall is finally here, and I was feeling a bit down. The constant cleaning, laundry, and child duty was getting to me. I had put my Zumba class on the back burner to tutor and was absolutely feeling it. My energy was low, I was becoming more irritable, and generally felt tired. Along with these feelings, I was feeling guilty for wanting a break. I needed to get back on the self-care track. 
Self-care step number one: Go to Zumba class again

I specifically am blocking out that time once a week on Mondays to go to Zumba. Exercising in a class like that is invigorating to me and helps me start my week on the right foot. Exercising also gives me more energy. It's good for my mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Self-care step number two: Clean up my physical environment

The house had become a little disheveled and I had gotten overwhelmed about where to start. I switched out the seasonal clothes, cleaned, and only have a little left to organize. My physical environment has a large impact on my attitude and how I'm feeling, especially as a stay at home mom. I also love the immediate satisfaction of cleaning so it was a win-win. 

Self-care step number three: Buy a new piece of clothing

Two children later, I'm having trouble losing more weight. I'm fairly healthy and stay active so instead of shaming myself and feeling frustrated and icky in my clothes, I bought a couple new pieces that make me feel confident and beautiful. 

Self-care step number four: Talk to friends

I reached out to other moms who may be feeling the same way. Talking with others always makes me feel better. I also was invited to Chicago by one of my very best friends who I call a brother. The timing could not have been more perfect and I was able to do a solo trip to Chicago to catch up with Brett, have a nice dinner out with drinks, and adult conversation. 

As a SAHM and with Hendrix's school schedule, I'm finding it difficult to meet more moms and I have been burned in the last couple years by moms I thought were my friends so I'm hesitant to make new friends. It's also so exhausting to meet new people and make new friends. 

I'm building up the energy and confidence, but in the meantime, I need to remember to take care of myself because I am a better wife, mom, and friend when I do. 

How do you re-charge?

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