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My Favorite Rainy Day Activity

My favorite rainy day activity has always been painting, but with these amazing adult paint by number kits, rainy days just got a lot more interesting!

I'm about 3 weeks into my latest Paint By Number excursion that I ordered from Amazon, on a whim. I'm never quite sure about the quality of the canvas or the paint when I place an order for one of these kits.

However, for under $12, this kit is truly wonderful! I absolutely love this image and cannot wait to see what the finished product looks like. I never use the brushes that come with these kits because I have a pretty good stock of very decent brushes that I've accumulated over the years. As long as you wash your brushes, they can last years. 

I'm guilty of leaving them sit in cups of dirty paint water for days on end and they STILL hold up! You can find some pretty nice brushes at your local craft store. My tip would be to spend the money for the nicer brushes. Cheap brushes are cheap brushes- plain and simple. 

Isn't this beautiful!?
Have you ventured into the world of adult paint by number from a photo? If so, what images have you created? Were you happy with the finished product? 

Turn your "rainy day blues" into a new creation or work of art. Get the kids in on it! 


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  1. I used to love paint by number as a little girl. Maybe I should get back into it? The kit you got is pretty!


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