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Making Unforgettable Memories At The Carolina Raptor Center

Special thanks to the Carolina Raptor Center for hosting my family. All thoughts shared are my own.

There is something about meandering through the woods on a cool Autumn day with my family in tow, that truly brings about a sense of peace within me. Maybe that's why we live in the woods! I've been a bit of a "bird nerd" most of my adult life and am so fascinated by their majestic presence. These beautiful birds of prey are unfortunately in danger, but thanks to places like the Carolina Raptor Center, they have a sanctuary to call home.

Recently, my hubby, two little boys and I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC. I have been wanting to visit for years! There are truly so many incredible places and experiences in and around the Charlotte area. If you find yourself near the Charlotte area and are looking for the perfect Autumn day excursion with your family or even alone, I urge you to visit the Carolina Raptor Center!

I had no idea what to expect, but knew I would be in my element because of my love for birds. I'm not as knowledgeable as I would like to be and I recognize I have so much to learn, but the CRC makes learning so very enjoyable. I would love to share with you about this incredible place and hope you will bring your family along for a special, memorable day!

Driving down the long, wooded road to get to the Center, we couldn't help but take in the beautiful scenery. We drove slow and encouraged our little boys to look out of their windows at the trees. One of the first things we noticed as we approached the destination is a beautiful, NEW building that is currently under construction, called Quest. Quest is going to be the gateway to the new Raptor Trail which will be open in 2020.

Future site of Quest

The Raptor Center is already a beautiful place and it's only going to get better. Located on the Latta Nature Preserve, the Carolina Raptor Center has been taking care of birds for 40 years. They rescue, treat and provide sanctuary right there on the premises. You can read all about the many ways the CRC helps our bird population by clicking here.

As we began our journey on the Raptor Trail, we felt as though we were embarking upon an adventure. The trail is laid out in a creative way with many eye catching exhibits along the way.

My two little boys posed for a picture as we began our trail adventure. They were so excited! Along the trail, there are guide posts, bird enclosures, photo ops and more. We spent time at each bird enclosure and read the facts that were presented. 

This little guy developed a love for vultures at the Carolina Raptor Center! He is fascinated by their quirky personalities and loves to watch them walk. At the beautiful gift shop, I told both of my kiddos they could pick out a stuffed animal as a keepsake and he chose the vulture. He has slept with it every single night since!

The Carolina Raptor Center is doing amazing work. They are the largest raptor medical center in the U.S. and have treated over 18,000 birds since 1975. That's incredible! They host thousands of students each year and I can see why. What an amazing field trip this would be!

I just stand in awe at the beauty of these magnificent creatures. Hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and the list goes on and on of birds that you will encounter while on the trail. 

As we came upon this little cabinet on the trail, a nice man stopped to talk to the boys and show them some really neat items. He pulled out a huge wing and even a foot for them to hold! He told us some interesting facts and we really enjoyed that he took the time to do that. 

Spending the day with my family at the Carolina Raptor Center was such a wonderful experience! I cannot wait to visit again and maybe even bring my parents along too. I'm also excited to see the new Quest open up and experience that in 2020! 

There is so much to see and take in. Being outside in nature, observing the most beautiful birds I've ever seen in person and sharing this experience with my family made for an unforgettable day. The Carolina Raptor Center is truly an amazing place. 

Did you know:

Staff and volunteers at the hidden hospital in the woods treat over 900 injured and orphaned birds a year? This is more than any other U.S. raptor center. Over 70% of the birds are released back into the wild. This is amazing! Places like this are so very needed to preserve these beautiful creatures. 

I'm super thankful to our friends at the Raptor Center for hosting us and sharing this experience with my family. It is one we will never forget! Let me know in the comments section below if you might take your family to the CRC? If you live within driving distance, I would highly encourage you to visit, pack a lunch and stop by the Latta Plantation as well. The natural beauty is breathtaking, the birds are spectacular and it's just a one-of-a-kind experience that you will only find at the CRC. 

Visit and Stay Connected!

Visit the Carolina Raptor Center online and you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. You can also stay connected via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Winter Hours (November - February)

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday through Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday Noon-5 pm

Admission Fees 

$12 - Adults
$10 - Seniors, Teachers, Military Adults
$8  - Students 4 and Older with Student ID
Free – Children 3 and Under and Members

Thanks again to the nice staff that took care of us and the beautiful birds that flapped their wings for us. We can't wait to be back!


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  1. It is so beautiful there. I want to check it out because I think we would enjoy it!


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