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Indoor Plants that Help to Stay Healthy

The human population and its use of natural resources have grown tremendously over the last century. The future of the planet depends on the balance between man and nature and conservation of the biodiversity on earth for the benefit of future generations. It seems that man has unknowingly gone away from nature and has a sort of divorced relationship with nature these days. Many people are moving from small villages and towns to big cities and there is rapid growth in concrete jungles all over the world. Children grow up without the knowledge of nature and their surrounding environments. There are a lot of problems caused because of deforestation and extinction or endangerment of many species of plants and animals on the planet. Indoor plants are small but very important for the health of human beings. Indoor plants can make your home calm, cool and stress-free.

Indoor Plants – General Information
Indoor Plants are a selection of different types of plants and small trees that can be grown at home either in indoor rooms or on terraces, verandas, or balconies in homes all over the world. The following are some of the common indoor plants and their benefits to the health of the people and the atmosphere:

Common Indoor Plants and their Benefits
English Ivy is a very common indoor plant and it has many health benefits for the environment and people living in a home. It basically purifies the air and also removes airborne particles and mold, making it a great choice in households. Boston-Fern is another air-purifying household plant common in households.

Peace Lily is a beautiful indoor plant that helps absorb harmful compounds from the air like carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Many people have Aloe Vera cactus-style plants at home. Aloe Vera has many medicinal and cosmetic uses and it also helps absorb compounds from cleaning agents and paint.

Snake Plant, Gerbera, gardenias, Rubber Plant, and Mass Cane are usually beautiful plants for the indoors. Besides converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, they also absorb different types of chemical compounds from the atmosphere making the air healthier for human beings.

Benefits of Indoor Plants to Human Beings

Pollution is a major problem facing cities and towns all over the world. Air pollution is a major problem and it is choking our cities and causing lung diseases and other respiratory disorders. Indoor plants have been proven to help in eliminating harmful toxins which make the air fresher and cleaner around us.

Many types of indoor plants have many medicinal properties and are natural healers. These plants are used as an anti-inflammatory, for treating burns and also for treating infections. This makes it very useful for people living in homes with different types of medicinal plants.

There are many types of odors in a household which can be unpleasant. Air fresheners are synthetic products with chemicals harmful to people as well as the environment. These plants usually give a natural scent to a household and help eliminate the bad odor and smell in any household.

Indoor plants are shown to help people with their mental health. Mental health is a major problem of the 21st century and keeping plants especially colorful flowering plants around the household helps in improving mental health. Indoor plants also help in good quality and peaceful sleep, which is very essential especially in today’s world.

Benefits of Indoor Plants to the Environment

In a world where many areas are getting deforested and concrete jungles are on the rise, growing plants and vegetation wherever we can is essential. The basic job of plants is to reduce carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the atmosphere. An increase in carbon dioxide in the air raises the temperature and contributes to climate change.

It reduces heat and also helps in removing toxins from the air which makes the environment pure and healthier. It improves the quality of the air as mentioned above and also lowers air and noise pollution in the environment.

Many cities have low humidity and indoor plants help maintain the humidity levels in an environment. As so many trees are being cut all over the world, indoor plants are a small way to maintain the balance in nature.

Indoor plants help keep human beings as well as the environment around them to stay healthy. The health and well being of man depends on the health and well being of the planet and indoor plants are a great idea for the benefit of both human beings and the environment.

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