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How to Care for Your Child's Teeth from an Early Age

Oral hygiene and health care should start at an early age. Most parents are confused about the right time to introduce brushing to their children. Poor oral care cause diseases, infections, and long term dental problems.

So, why care for baby teeth if they will eventually fall out? Baby teeth play an important role in helping children smile, speak and most importantly, eat. They also preserve the right spaces in the jaws to prepare for adult teeth. As such, be sure to find a reliable dentist; for instance, you can head to Cape dentistry North Eastham for all your dental needs.

When you decide the time is right, here are a few ways to begin your child's lifelong oral care routine.

Schedule an Early Dental Visit

According to dental experts, you should take your child for a dental checkup once they hit one year. This gives the dentist a perfect opportunity to examine the child’s jaw formation and observe how the baby teeth are developing. He/she will recommend the right brushing and flossing for kids.

Remember to take your child to a pediatric dentist. They will be trained to deal with dental issues that specifically affect kids. They are also capable of recommending the ideal specialist in case your child requires extra help from an orthodontist. Check out how to schedule an early appointment with this Woodbridge dentist office.

Watch What They Eat and Drink

You must ensure your kid eats a balanced diet with minimal sugary and starchy foods. Although children like sugary treats, taking in too much can cause plaque buildup, which leads to tooth decay.

In case you have to feed a starchy or sugary diet, make sure it’s included in a meal but not eaten as a snack. You also need to ensure they brush soon after taking sugary foods.

Another important thing is to watch the kind of water your child drinks. The drinking water should always be fluoridated.

Teach Them the Appropriate Brushing Technique

Supervising how your child brushes on a daily basis might seem tedious, but it will help them form the right oral habits. Ensure they use a soft-bristled toothbrush and approved fluoride toothpaste. Teach them to brush inside and outside the tooth to avoid the accumulation of plaque. If you’re not sure about this, consult your dentist for instructions or make an appointment with a pediatric dentist. They are specially trained and will be able to teach your children the proper way to take care of their teeth (more here). 

Your child should also learn how to brush the chewing surface of the teeth and the tongue. These habits should be taught from an early age to ensure they become part of the child’s life.

Ditch the Pacifier When the Time Is Right

The essence of pacifiers cannot be ignored. They help in soothing the baby to sleep, satisfying their suck reflex, and lowering the risk of SIDS among other uses. However, using pacifiers when the baby teeth are developing can have negative effects. They can affect the alignment of teeth or even change the shape of the mouth.

According to medical experts, you should stop giving your child a pacifier when they hit between 2 and 3 years.

If you use feeding bottles, don’t let your child fall asleep while the bottle is still in their mouth. This can cause poor alignment and deformed jaw bone.

Discourage Thumb-Sucking and Other Bad Habits

Some of the bad habits common in children include thumb-sucking and chewing of hard objects. Thumb-sucking causes overbites and underbites due to the effect on jaw bone positioning. Discourage your kid from sucking their thumb immediately you notice this behavior. You also need to ensure they don’t chew on hard objects that could crack or make their teeth loosen.

Bottom Line

Speak to your own dentist about their opinion on when the right time is to introduce teeth care habits. Teach your children to brush and floss, and ensure they don’t engage in habits that could cause a deformed jawbone.

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