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A busy mom on the go usually always has her phone in her hand.  I find it amazing how much our phones are a necessity as much as a luxury.   I am always on the move and can't always be near a computer for simple things like paying bills, reading the news, or even balancing my checkbook.  I really so much on several applications on my phone to manage all these things.  I want to share with you my mommy must have apps.

My top 4

1. Prism- This program is my one stop to pay all my Bill's. By simply logging your account information you can pay your bills with a swipe of your finger. The in app calendar tells you your due date and pops up friendly reminders days before your due date. It can access most any company from utilities to credit cards.

2. Ibotta- If you haven't you oughta.  Ibotta  is an app that allocates coupon savings for everyday shopping experiences.  By simply adding a coupon and redeeming it you can earn points towards gift cards or cash back.  Your store loyalty cards will allow your receipts to load automatically or you can add your receipts through your camera feature.  It's so easy and you can earn a lot by redeeming and or joining your friends in redeeming theirs.

3. Well Connection- This app allows me to Facetime my doctor when I can't get in for a physical appointment.  Having a sick child and toting them all over is the worst and after so many years of bringing E to the doctor they can recommend over the counter medications or advise if an in office appearance is best. I find this especially helpful when I need my therapist and can't make my appointment.

4. Amazon- Need I say more? One stop shopping for literally everything including the kitchen sink.  Kids going to a birthday party and need a gift? Amazon.  Home office supplies needed? Amazon.  New clothes or shoes? Amazon has you covered and you can get your orders same day in some areas.  All with the click of a button.

What are your go to apps?
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