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Four Tips for Great Dental Hygiene for Kids

It’s not uncommon for many parents to have a tough time determining what they should be doing when it comes to how much dental care their kids need. If you’re wondering when you should be booking your child’s first appointment, whether or not your child should start flossing yet, or whether they are going to need braces, then you’re not alone. If you want to help your child prevent cavities and enjoy good dental health, but aren’t sure what exactly you should be doing, here are some tips and tricks to help you out. 

#1. Start as Early as Possible:

Good dental care can never start too early for a child – in fact, you can start building these good oral hygiene habits even before your baby cuts their first tooth. Just because you can’t see the teeth yet, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there – in fact, your baby has 20 teeth at birth and some of these are already developed in the jaw – they just haven’t begun to appear yet. Even before your baby starts teething, you can use a clean, damp cloth over their gums to clean up any harmful bacteria. And once they do begin to cut teeth, you should start brushing them with a baby toothbrush and a tiny bit of baby toothpaste. 

#2. When to See a Dentist:

Just like brushing, going to the Dentist in Sarasota is a habit that should be started as early as possible for your child. Professionals recommend that children should have their first check-up at the dentist by their first birthday. Not only does this give the dentist the best chance at getting to know your child and spotting anything that could potentially go wrong with their teeth as early as possible, it also makes it easier for your child to get used to and be comfortable with dental check-ups from a young age. Finding the right dental practice can be tricky, but there is no need to worry. There are various options for finding the practice that will be best for your family, such as Kids Dentist in Oshawa. It is best to call ahead and receive all of the proper information before the initial visit with your children.

Doing your research can save you a great deal of time in the long run. A good family practice used to working with young children, like this Bayswater dentist, is ideal. 

#3. Preventing Cavities:

Children may lose their baby teeth and develop a secondary set of adult teeth, but even cavities in the milk teeth can lead to serious dental and oral health issues further down the line. And, they can be really painful and uncomfortable for kids, making avoiding cavities a good habit for all the family. Along with introducing your kids to regular brushing and flossing from a young age, it’s also a good idea to use fluoride toothpaste from as early on as possible. 

#4. Flossing and Getting the Right Toothbrush:

You can start to floss your child’s teeth from the moment that they start touching in their mouth. This will get them used to the habit of regular flossing and make it easy when it comes to teaching them to do it themselves. You might also want to consider investing in an electric toothbrush for your child – not only can these be fun for kids, they’re also ideal for ensuring that teeth are as clean as possible. 

When it comes to dental hygiene, it’s never too early to get your kids into good habits! 

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