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Fall Car Cleaning Tip & Tricks

Gorgeous fall. The crisp air and vibrant colors all around usually send us into a cozy state of mind. While the beauty of the fall season is quite captivating, it is also somewhat menacing to our cars and homes. Leaves have a way of beautifully dangling from trees for merely just a few days, before drying, turning brown, and falling to the ground, making for a mess left for folks to manage.

Leaves tend to crumble and stick to shoes and clothing, and if they get wet, they are often tailed into cars and homes, bring the outdoor elements indoors. Leaves not only make messes, but they increase our chances of allergic reactions, especially to those who suffer from seasonal outdoor allergies. You can cut down on the mess and the potential for allergens entering your car and home by keeping your car clean during the fall.

Here are a few fall car cleaning tips to consider this season:

Use all-weather mats

One of the best ways to cut down on debris that might wind up in your car due to falling leaves is to change out your car mats. You may very well be in love with the factory mats that came with your vehicles, but switching to all-weather mats is a great idea. The all-weather mats are made for just about every make and model vehicle, which means that you'll be able to select the mats that actually fit your car. The mats are easy to put down, and best of all, they are easy to remove. They usually have deep treads to catch debris like pebbles, dirt, and leaves. This actually helps to trap allergens. Leaves will simply be caught in the mats, rather than crumble into upholstered car mats. You can shake the all-weather mats out or wash them with your hose. They couldn't be easier to clean... and they also make a great gift!

Keep a trash bin in the car

Everyone knows that the fall season brings about the beginning of the cold and flu season. Keeping a trash bin in the car is a great idea. This way, everyone will have a place to dispose of tissues or any other trash, rather than crumpling it up and putting it in a pocket or tossing it to the floor in the car.
Empty the trash bin once a week, just like you would put the trash out once a week at home. This will keep germs at a minimum and help keep your car clean.

Wash it

This time of year, it's a good idea to keep your car washed. Unless you're able to park in a garage all the time, your car is probably loaded with leaves, little twigs, nut remnants, etc. Much like springtime, fall is a somewhat messy season for cars. Keeping the car washed will help you keep allergens at bay, and will also help you to be able to see clearly when driving.

Reduce the car clutter

One of the fastest ways for a car to become junky-looking is to allow items to pile up in the car.
Remove excess items from the car. Keep a small tote to toss loose items into if you need to be able to transfer from the car to the house. Allow kids one toy or book in the car at a time, and give them the responsibility of taking it back inside once home.

Driving around in a clear car will absolutely help you enjoy the loveliness of the fall season even more!

This post brought to you by Pearson Hyundai.

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