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Everase- Your One Stop for Dry Erase Products

Thank you to our friends at Everase for providing me with samples of their products in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts are my own.

I work in the office supplies industry as a client relations specialist and I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked for my opinion on a product.  With so many items available it is hard to be sure what is the best fit for the customer, but I feel confident when I give my opinion.  I cannot say this with dry erase products such as markers, boards, erasers, cleaners, etc. 
I love the concept of dry erase products because they are reusable and cut back on waste.  I do not like the scent of the markers, the cleaners that don't work and the fact that when you need to move the board you have to make new holes in the wall.

The reminder note I leave for my husband as he walks out the door.  Funny how these are the priority items we need before leaving the house.  When I was growing up it was just your purse/wallet and keys.  I would be lost without my phone.

This all changed with Everase.  These removal whiteboard surfaces allow me to organize my monthly schedule, leave notes for my family, and important information for any caregivers in my home.  The adhesive does not damage my walls and can be moved from space to space with little effort.  

This monthly board lets me put important dates of the month on the board with ample room to write.  With my husband working opposite hours from me and I him it allows us to know the other's schedule. 

I can also put my meal plan together which helps when I have longer hours than anticipated... my husband or E can start the prepping or even do the cooking.  With our crazy schedules, it is always nice to know what to start for dinner or if an ingredient is needed it is nice to add it to a shopping list I cannot lose.

It's the office supply business busiest season- School Season.  It is the office version of Christmas for those that work retail.  The hours are long and with travel time included having someone else make dinner or at least start it makes this mama really happy. 

Each surface comes with a dry erase marker that has almost no odor to it and a dry erase cloth
that is washable- no more waste 😃.  As you can see I won't lose the markers as they clip into their holder that I can adhere right next to the boards.  I stand behind Everase, because their products are easy to use, clean, and set up.  Another perk is they are made in the USA.

Although, I received my samples at no charge, I can see myself ordering these for gifts for others or just more for me.  

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Everase.com  to check out all the ways you can organize your day/life.  You can make custom boards all without breaking the bank.  
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