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Easy Tips to Better Gas Mileage this Fall

It's no surprise that one of the top things that consumers consider when they think about purchasing a vehicle is gas mileage. In fact, many car owners are downright obsessed with their gas mileage, tracking it every inch of every journey made in their car. It's a great idea to keep up with your car's mileage. After all, gas mileage is often one of those big deciding factors on a car's sale. Purchasing a car because of low miles and fabulous gas mileage is great, but once you have the keys to the car in your hand, it's up to you to help your car maintain low mileage and get the amazing gas mileage you know it can achieve.

Here are a few Easy Tips to Better Gas Mileage this Fall

Keep weight to a minimum

Ever feel absolutely amazed at the awesome gas mileage your car gets when you're the only one in the car? It's pretty fantastic! Add in a partner or spouse, a couple of kids with tons of 'stuff,' and maybe a pet, along with purses, backpacks, baby gear, and voila- your gas mileage goes from happy face to sad face in one fell swoop. There's an easy way to obtain great gas mileage no matter where you go with your family, and that's to cut down on all of the things you load the car down with. Every person, pet, and belonging that enters your vehicle weighs it down and reduces its ability to achieve the gas mileage you set your eyes on when you purchased the vehicle. Reduce the amount of weight you bring along, and watch that frown turn upsidedown!

Use the A/C sparingly when driving in town

Did you know that the way you use your air conditioning in the car affects its gas mileage performance? Stop and go traffic can cause a clunk in your gas mileage if you're blasting the A/C while basically going nowhere. If at all possible, roll the windows down to allow for a little airflow when you do your city driving. You can use your A/C and actually help increase your car's gas mileage when driving on the highway.

Don't put the pedal to the metal

Everyone loves the thrill that comes along with the sudden jolt of fast, forward motion when you put the pedal to the floor while driving. The kids squeal with delight, and when done safely, it's all in the name of fun. The truth is, however, the constant petal to the metal mentality is terrible for your car and gas mileage. Driving sensibly and easing into increasing your speed is the best way to get the best possible gas mileage. It's also a great way to treat your car well. If you drive your sedan or SUV like you're a drag race contestant, you likely won't be driving old reliable for much longer. Treat your car with care and you'll be able to drive it for many more years, making your vehicle purchase even more 'worth it' than you expected.

Getting better gas mileage will save you money at the pump, too! 
What will you do with all that money saved?

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