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Do You Carve Pumpkins for Halloween?

It's almost Halloween! Hendrix has always loved Halloween and Maverick seems to be following in his brother's footsteps. The music, the shows, the candy, and of course, the pumpkins. Last year, Hendrix painted a small pumpkin and we carved one big pumpkin. 

Last year's pumpkin

Last weekend was our carving weekend in hopes the pumpkin will stay in tact until Halloween. We got two big pumpkins this year and no little pumpkins. The boys don't actually do any of the carving, but help us scoop out the goo and seeds and Hendrix chose a design for one of them.

We also got this little Mickey set from my mother-in-law.

We've been counting down the days to trick or treating and now we're even more festive with our carved pumpkins. 

What has been your favorite design for pumpkin carving? 


  1. I used too, but after a few years in Florida with the nastyness that comes w/ heat, I bought a pumpkin w/ my name decal and never looked back :)


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