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Basic Fall Car Care Tips to Remember

As the fall weather months set in, many are more ready than ever to kiss the hot weather of the summer goodbye and to settle into a beautiful season of contentment. Just as we make preparation for the summer months when it comes to our cars, we must also take the time to care for our cars during the hustle and bustle of the fall season. As quickly as fall breezes in, it leaves us, and then winter trails not too far behind, bringing about its own set of potential problems for vehicles. Let's take a look at a few basic car care tips to remember this fall season.

One of the most noticeable changes from late summer to fall is the time change. One we set our clocks back, we've gained an hour, but we lose daylight for it. It does start to become darker much earlier this time of year. Dusk settles in anywhere from the late 4:00 pm hour to 5 pm or a little after. This can make it extremely difficult to see, especially during the golden hour when the sun is setting. Make sure that not just your headlights, but also your brake lights and turn signals are working properly. So many accidents occur because folks drive around with their lights not working well or at all. Don't forget, you can get stopped and ticketed for driving with your lights not working. Be sure to check them often during the season to ensure they are working properly, which will ultimately keep you safe as you are driving.

Clean your windshield often! You wouldn't really think about cleaning your windshield any more often than you would during the summer, but truth be told, you need to. It is much harder to see clearly in the very early morning hours and in the evening during the fall season. The sun is usually coming up for the day when folks are heading out on their morning commutes to work and school, and going down by the time everyone is ready to head home for the day. If your windshield isn't clean and clear, everything will become blurry and your view may wind up being obstructed. Hose your windshield off every few days, and clean it when you fill up your gas tank, regardless of whether or not you plan on washing the entire car.

Clean your car tires, too. No, we're not necessarily talking about keeping them clean and shiny... we're talking about keeping them clear of debris. Fall is the perfect time for your tire treads to become caked with mud, dirt, and leaves. They sometimes wind up with natural elements stuck deep in the treads, and they do need to be cleaned. A high-pressure tire wash will blast the tread on the tires clean in a jiffy. Keeping your tires clean will help them do their job of keeping you safe as they grip the road.

These are really simple car care tips that are very important to remember during the fall season. Taking even just a few minutes a week to do these things will help keep your car in great shape, and will help its overall performance.

Stay safe out there!

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