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Bamboo Dish Cloths and Kitchen Rags! #MBPHGG19

Bamboo Kitchen Rags and Dish Cloths

Thanks to Enviro Safe Home for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

If you’ve been following my Greenish Living Series, you’ll know that I’m on a bit of a quest to find and implement simple steps, tips, and tricks to make my family’s life a little bit greener.  My very first post in that series was all about how and why I gave up—99% anyway—disposable paper towels.  Through that journey, I’ve tried a number of replacements: first the kitchen towels I already had, then flour sack towels, before I found reusable Bamboo Paper Towels.  I’ve been so pleased with these bamboo paper towels that when I found out that the same company just started selling Bamboo Dish Cloths and Kitchen Rags I jumped at the chance to try them!

Despite the fact that both are made from environmentally sustainable bamboo, these kitchen rags and dishcloths are nothing like bamboo paper towels.  Where the paper towels feel like sturdier disposable paper towels (my husband almost threw one away because he though it was disposable), these kitchen rags and dishcloths feel like a double-tough cloth and are, therefore, perfect for bigger messes around the kitchen and home!

Bamboo Dish Cloths and Kitchen Rags

I first put them to the test by cleaning my microwave.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I have a very bad habit of letting my microwave get much dirtier than it should; it’s a lower-cabinet unit, so I don’t see into it every time I open it.  So, after microwaving some water and lemon juice (my chemical-free method) I got to scrubbing.  I can say that I was absolutely amazed with how easily this cloth cleaned off all the grime, gunk, and baked-on food in my microwave—I’m pretty sure it cut my cleaning time in half compared to my normal sponge!

I also put these bamboo cloths to test on another prime dirty area of my kitchen: the stovetop!  Just as the Bamboo Paper Towels, I was impressed by how easily they cleaned off the stuck-on grime and grease—all with just water, no harsh chemicals!

All I can say is that I’m just as impressed by these Bamboo Kitchen Rags and Dish Cloths as I was with the Bamboo Paper Towels and that I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to decrease their green-footprint while keeping their kitchen (or any other room in their house) super-clean and chemical-free!

Packaging with Reusable Bag

Want them? Get them!

These Bamboo Kitchen Rags and Dish Cloths are available on Amazon (PRIME!) for just $8.50 for 6 dishcloths and 2 large kitchen rags, plus you get a reusable bag for storage and washing!  If you try these out or have any questions, or if have already made the switch from disposable paper towels to reusable and want to share your experience, please leave your questions and comments below! I hope you have a great, green, and clean day and that you enjoy these Bamboo Kitchen Rags and Dish Cloths as much as I do!

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