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Athletic Junction Atheleisure Wear Offers Athletic Event Management and More for Schools and Organizations

Athletic Junction is one of the leading lifestyle brands providing custom hoodies. In addition, their online merchandising for schools, sports teams, and leagues is unique in the fact that it is centered on gaining revenue for each athletic department. Athletic Junction's affordable high- quality fanwear is emphasized comfort for its consumer base. They also provide one of the high school football games called Athletic Junction Events that focuses on branding and event management for athletic departments of all types ranging from high schools to professional organizations. 

The targeted focus for Athletic Junction is wholesale and online merchandising for high schools and athletic leagues. Their online platforms are free to sell fan gear of all types. All programs receive royalties from all sales. The launch of their app Athletic Junction Events is a one-stop-shop for event ticketing and merchandise sales for schools. Michael and Justin realized the opportunity due to a lack of reliable online systems for schools. 
Athletic Junction Events increase attendance and participation due to the convenience it offers every organization’s fans. Generating more profit and encouraging fan support and school or team spirit. They provide custom branding via merchandise, fundraising, and ticketing solutions platform. 
Athletic Junction also launched Events Smarter which is a great solution for event app including corporate, political, athletic, and communal gatherings. Both platforms are available on Apple iOS and Android Google Play App Stores. 
Athletic Junction Events and Events Smarter are creative and secure systems that are user-friendly for event planners such as coaches, socialites, directors and anyone planning or attending an event. Both systems allow sellers to have complete control and access to the dashboard where there are screenshots of updated analytics. Sellers can view all users, organizations, and events that have been created, deleted, and even add new ones with a click of a button. You can follow your favorite organizations and event offering a social media application. Every event on both systems come with their own online storefront that is free. It is a consolidated way to brand your events and leading to greater revenue and exposure! 
Athletic Junction Events and Events Smarter are state-of-the-art apps designed to easily scan the ticketholder's QR code on both mobile devices and printed tickets. It accurately tracks of attendees and prevents any unauthorized duplicates. The efficiency keeps entry lines moving smoothly. 
People purchasing tickets can do so from the convenience of anywhere on a desktop or mobile device. They can share their readable QR code through text, email or choose to print it out. In the purchase section, there is a map showing the event’s exact location with capabilities for providing driving directions. 

Athletic Junction provides the solution for you!

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