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A Deeper, Uninterrupted Night Of Sleep Is Here With Airweave #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Airweave for providing product for me to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Memory foam mattresses have become so popular but I think what many people do not realize is that they hold heat and they also make it difficult for the body to move during sleep. Recently, I discovered a company that is using different technology to produce deeper sleep.

Airweave is a mattress company that is revolutionizing the way we sleep. Check out what the website has to say about how Airweave came to be:

Airweave was born from a desire to do things differently when, Founder & CEO, Motokuni Takaoka took over his uncle's fishing line company.
A graduate of the Stanford School of Engineering, Takaoka experimented with different applications of the resin fiber used to create fishing line, and discovered that the material was perfectly suited for a newer and better purpose: to revolutionize the way we sleep.
Since the first mattress topper shipped in 2007, Airweave has expanded to a range of lifestyle, travel, and technology sleep products in Japan, and has been adopted by elite athletes and organizations worldwide to help them perform at the highest level. - www.airweave.com
My husband and I sleep on a split-adjustable memory foam bed and we really do love it. In fact, if you're considering an adjustable bed, I would say go for it! It's been a huge help for us for our specific issues. What I love about Airweave is that I was able to get mattress toppers for our split adjustable and they work perfectly! I wasn't sure we would be able to do so, but Airweave mattress toppers move perfectly with our bed.

This is a picture of the mattress toppers in place, underneath our bedding and you really do not even know they are there from first glance. 

When the Airweave mattress toppers arrived in the mail, I was surprised at how slim and sleek they are. I unrolled them from the boxes and laid them out on the floor. Immediately, my two little boys jumped onto them and laid down. My very first impression was, "This is firm, but COMFY."

In the past, I have not loved firm mattresses. I haven't had any major back issues that would have enticed me to go for a firm mattress, but my husband does. He has chronic lower back pain and it's been an issue for quite a while. Having the adjustable bed is helpful for him to lift his legs or back as needed and it's helpful for me as well. I have severe GERD (sorry if that's TMI) and need to have my back elevated every single night. 

We placed the two twin toppers onto our individual twin mattresses and then put the sheets on as usual. I was slightly skeptical that I would feel comfy and cozy because they are firm. As soon as you lay down, you immediately feel comfortable. Your body feels as though it does not want to move. It's hard to explain but even though it's firm, the weight distribution is so even that you feel an immediate comfort on your joints. 

This is the twin Airweave top mattress that sells for $650.

The twin mattress toppers fit perfectly onto our split adjustable bed. This is how they appear underneath the fitted sheets.

Some features about this mattress that separate it from other mattresses and make it pretty amazing are:

The Airweave mattress was graded a perfect 10 for spinal alignment by Mattress Advisor.
There is little to no motion transfer making it ideal for couples.
The unique 3-dimensional woven pattern makes the mattress breathable and cool.
Studies show we roll over 20 times in our sleep and this mattress helps us exert less energy when we move in our sleep.

Something my husband and I both noticed after our first full night of sleep on our Airweave mattress toppers is that we dreamed more and did not wake up. I'm guessing we must be movers in our sleep and because we have been used to memory foam, the moving of our bodies exerts a lot of energy, thus causing us to become more awake during the night and experiencing less REM sleep.

With Airweave, we may still move but are exerting much less energy because of the way the body lays on the mattress. Moving and rolling are much easier. You can feel that even when you are awake. I would imagine that sleeping on the full sized mattress would very much be movement cancelling just based on my experience on the twin topper.

Athletes love Airweave, people with back and join issues love Airweave and those who are conscious of the environment also love Airweave.

"Our proprietary airfiber® material is made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), a material that can endure the strictest test in the field of durability, safety, hygiene and environmental friendliness."

Airweave mattresses are 100% washable! This is the only washable mattress on the market. I'm talking, throw the cover in the washing machine and actually use sprayed water to rinse the inner core! No more dust mites or allergy issues. Spills are no longer a problem. Pets and children cannot mess up this mattress. There just aren't going to be any problems with this mattress. It is completely clean and will be the absolute best option for anyone with kids, pets, allergies or just someone that wants to actually be able to clean their mattress. Amazing! I've actually considered putting one of the toppers on my son's bed because of his allergies and his specific allergy to dust mites. Even in the cleanest homes, dust mites live in almost all mainstream mattresses!

Want It? Get It!

Head over to Airweave to browse some of their incredible mattresses, toppers, accessories and more! This is an investment into your entire lifestyle and one that I really think you will be happy you make. Also, be sure to keep in touch with Airweave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I want to thank our friends at Airweave for so generously sending over the two twin mattress toppers! I'm amazed and inspired by this innovate company. Are you intrigued? If you have any questions, hop over and visit Airweave.



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