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6 Ways to Look After Your Mind and Body

Our bodies are with us for our entire lives, and so it’s only fair that we treat them with care and respect. However, with busy working lives and hectic social lives, we often leave our wellness regime at the door. It’s good to occasionally reward both our mental and physical health from time to time with the odd indulgence or activity that leaves us feeling restful. 

Rest when you need to 

Whether you’ve been steadily working out at the gym, putting in extra hours at work or just feel mentally exhausted, it is important to take time to rest – no matter what that looks like to you. For example, if you’ve adopted a new fitness regime, you will want to allow yourself time to repair and recharge. If you’ve noticed that you’re not enjoying the physical activity as much recently, this could be a good indicator. 

Find a rewarding exercise routine

On the topic of exercise, it’s important that you find an activity that is personally rewarding for you. Don’t lift weights and spend hours on the treadmill if you don’t enjoy it. Instead, opt for something you enjoy, such as a group sport, such as basketball. 

Be aware of your attitude towards your body 

Sometimes, our mind and body need looking after because there is something more serious going on behind the scenes. Sometimes what starts out as a health routine can turn into a fixation and obsession with dieting and exercising. If you have come to the realization that this has spiraled, it’s important to know that you are not alone. In fact, around 30 million people in the US suffer from a variety of eating disorders across a wide variety of ages. It is important, however, to seek help. Centers such as Eden Treatment have the expert knowledge to support and care for people going through a challenging time such as this. 

Indulge in your bathing routine

Basic tasks such as washing regularly can be surprisingly difficult when you are going through a period of poor mental health. The process of getting up, washing, and carrying out basic tasks can seem almost impossible. Therefore, it could be very beneficial to you to treat yourself a little bit with your hygiene routine


Whether it’s friends, family or neighbors, keeping in contact with people is hugely important for your mental health. Tapping out messages on WhatsApp might be fun in the short-term, but it won’t bring you the same benefit of popping out for coffee with a good friend. 


Never neglect sleep when it comes to looking after yourself. In fact, sleep is one of the first aspects of everyday life to be disrupted when experiencing a bad patch in your mental wellbeing. Listen to your body and sleep regularly when you can. Switching off your phone an hour before bed and establishing a regular routine is one of the best ways to do this. 

Our brain is a surprisingly fragile organ from time to time. While it has the resilience to cope with challenging life events, it can also falter when we don’t look after ourselves. It’s always a good idea to start prioritizing your mental health as much as you can.

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