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6 Ways to Bring Some Style to Your Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room are two of the most important rooms in our homes and often go overlooked while other rooms receive all the attention.
When we first move into our homes, the kitchen and the dining area are used straight away, and this can often trap us in the previous owner’s styles and tastes, while you start to stamp your style on the rest of the home.
If you feel it is time to finally bring some style into your kitchen and dining areas, then this helpful guide should give you some ideas on how to start.

Mix Up the Textures on the Walls
Too often people rely on wallpaper and paint for the walls of their kitchen and dining areas, but you can achieve some fantastic looks by using different materials and textures.
Stripping a wall, or the wall of an alcove, back to the brickwork has become a popular look that is often found in top restaurants. Tiling is also becoming more popular as it can bring a lot of color and pattern to a kitchen or dining space and is easy to clean.
Make it Pop with Patterns
Don’t stick with plain walls, especially in your dining area. Using patterned wallpaper or tiles can give any space a unique and vibrant look with little effort.
You can even use different but complimentary patterns on different walls in a room to really mix it up and give your kitchen or dining space a striking look and add to the atmosphere.
Change the Lighting Style
The lighting in a room is very important, and people often leave the lighting fixture choices to the last minute or just put a new shade on an old ceiling light.
You can now get high-quality bistro lighting to bring some fine dining style to your dining room or kitchen.
Use Deep and Decadent Colors
Color is king in a dining room or kitchen, and using deep and rich colors in a space can give your dining room a decadent look and feel.
Rich and deep greens bring a traditional look to a dining room, reminiscent of the fine dining rooms of country clubs and exclusive hotels.
Paint a Wall with Stripes
Painting colored stripes across a wall can give any space an interesting and modern look from very little expense and with only a little planning and preparation.
It can take a lot of patience to paint long horizontal stripes across a wall, but the end result is worth the effort.
A Minimalist Style Adds More Than It Takes Away
Kitchens and dining areas can get very cluttered, and you can soon fill up a compact dining space with excess furniture.
Try taking a more minimalist and clean approach to styling your kitchen and dining areas, type of styles they do at arranconstructionlimited.co.uk and you will find that the more you take away from an area, the more functionality you are adding to it.

Our kitchen and dining areas are incredibly important rooms in our homes and will often be a place where we entertain friends and bond with our families. We owe it to these spaces to give them some style and show them off a little.

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