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Which grizzy cabinet table saw should you buy?

A table saw is a very important tool in your workshop. Therefore, buying the right table saw will do you a lot of good as it will have a great impact on the quality of your work, the level of productivity and what you can build in your workshop. There are many varieties of Grizzly table saws on the market but the right one is dependent on the budget, the space and the type of floor in your workshop. Below, we will look at different types of Grizzly table saws on the market so that you can be able to identify the one that suits your needs.  

Portable Grizzly table saw

Portable Grizzly table saw models are very popular with homeowners because of their high quality, lower cost, smaller size, and lightweight construction. You can choose to either install these models on the table or a floor stand. And if you have limited space in your workshop, you can easily store these saws either in a cabinet or under the bench. 

And although these saws come with benefits such as portability and ease of use, they are wanting when it comes to cutting accuracy. In addition, Grizzly portable table saws come with a smaller working table and this may prove challenging when working with either large or sophisticated pieces. To reduce costs on portable Grizzly table saws, the manufacturer has limited the size of the motor by making it one horsepower. This motor runs on 110 volts. The portable Grizzly table saws are ideal for beginner woodworkers working on smaller projects.

Contractor grizzly table saws

Contractor grizzly table saws are much larger. They come mounted on wheels and weigh over 250 pounds. These saws are designed for contractors who handle large volumes of work in one go. The motors on these saws top 3 HP. In addition, the saws are fitted with larger cast iron tables that are able to accommodate larger working pieces. Most of these saws operate at 220 volts and features a belt driven motor system. You should expect these saws to sell for between $600 and $1000. 

Grizzly cabinet saws

Grizzly cabinet table saws are an amazing piece of equipment. They are larger and heavier than all other types of table saws and must be installed on a solid floor. The saws take up a lot of space as they are fitted with a large working table. In addition, the saws have a 6 HP motor that is able to cut through nearly all materials that you throw at it. However, you need to note that these saws sell for between $2000 and $10000 for a top of the range model. The top Grizzly models in this category include:

Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw
Grizzly G0651 10- inch Heavy-Duty Cabinet Table Saw
Grizzly G1023RLWX 10- inch Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw


If you do proper research, you can find a good Grizzly cabinet table saw at a good price. But to make your work easier, it is advisable to go for the one with a dust collection port.

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