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Tips and Tricks to Eat Healthier Food At Home

Some people completely give up eating from restaurants in order to maintain a healthier diet, but what they don’t know is that is not enough. You may still be eating calorie-loaded deserts and oily food at home. The food in your home fridge can tell a lot about you. If it is packed with processed items and sweets, you are losing the fight towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.  
The statistics extracted from the study conducted by the National Center for Health are very sobering. According to the report, about 30% of the Australian population is overweight or obese. To overcome this problem, everyone needs to follow these tips and tricks and incorporate them into their daily lives. 

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Make a Plan

A sought-out meal schedule for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that has a balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein and necessary minerals is very essential. Having a clear cut plan makes it easier for you to decide what to make. I’m not saying that you need to give up on pasta, taco or fried things altogether, but you need to take them in a very healthy manner. Appoint certain days for certain dishes so that you don’t get bored with eating the same meals every day. 

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Almost 70 percent of the Australian population is not eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables are very rich in vitamins, mineral, and fibers needed to help with the growth and maintenance of a person’s physical and mental health. 
Moms need to pay close attention to what their kids are eating and provide them with a diet that involves a balanced amount of fruits and vegetables. You can make them fruits smoothies in the morning, give them salads with their lunch or dinner and use vegetables in noodles and spaghetti.  

Use an Air Fryer 

Kids these days are hooked on fried things. Fried chicken and fries are loaded with oils and calories, which are very bad for health. So how can you overcome that? By using an Air Fryer! 
An Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by the use of convection. Foods cooked using Air Fryers have very less oil compared to traditionally fried foods. If you’re looking for the best Air Fryer that serves the function of cutting calories and fats to a minimum, head over to the link and read the complete guide on how to choose the best air fryer. 

Limit the intake of Sugar and Salt

The most abused item in a household is these two things. Most of us use them without thinking of their consequences and suffer years later in the form of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. 
A man should limit his sugar intake to 8 teaspoons a day, and a woman should aim for less than six teaspoons a day. That includes all forms of sweets and sugars. As for salt, one to two teaspoon is enough and if you are suffering from blood pressure or heart diseases, cut it down altogether. 

The Bottom Line

You need to keep a keen eye on what you are putting in your body. Enjoy and savor delicious foods but balance them with healthy meals and exercise so that you can keep enjoying them later on in your life.

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