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Out of the Mouth of Babies

E was born in 2001 and while cell phones weren't what they are today I made a habit of writing down funny stories and taking pictures of the things he did.  Now at 18 I am so glad I can share with him the quirky side of him that seems to have faded with age.

I don't have many videos, but the pictures and stories I have written down over the years make me crack up. E was precocious to say the least.  He would say the funniest things and knew they were funny.  It is something that I hold dear because as he grows his comedic side has changed.  He's so serious now, but his E-isms as I love to call them are stories I will tell his future wife and one day my grandchildren.

E had this habit of holding doors for strangers and when he went to work with my mom, he would help the older monitors get to their car by walking them to the door and helping them buckle their seat belt.  If you asked him why he would say "Everyone needs help and the seat belt keeps them safe when they aren't with me".

He had an obsession with taking the garbage out when he was 3 and he would pick out whatever was recyclable so we could recycle.  My mother would tell him to stop or people would think we were feeding him from the garbage.  Sure enough we went to a yearly check up and his little mind was full of mischief.  The doctor asks me how he is doing with eating.  I said he was picky but he eats when he is hungry.  E pipes up, " Mom it is time to tell the truth.  Mr. Dr. they feed me out of the garbage."   I am mortified and can't help but catch a nervous giggle because I am thinking they are going to take E away from me and this kid thinks it's funny.  Then he looks at the doctor and smiles this wide smile and looks at the doctor and says, " You should see your face.  I am just messing with you. Like it's a joke get it?"  At that moment I wanted to beat my child.  I was terrified he would be taken from me because of his little joke.  His doctor looks at E and says "Oh you are a little comedian and trying to con me into thinking your mommy doesn't feed you."  E says "I am not a con, I'm just a little boy."

I remember this conversation word for word because in a moment of complete fear, my son was just trying to get someone to laugh.  Not me of course and thank goodness the doctor was E's all the time pediatrician, but goodness, I think this is when my grey hair started.

Do you have any memories like this? If so I'd love to hear it.
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  1. My youngest is the comedian for sure. Recently,we taught her a hand clap game just using the Jeopardy theme song. After a few times, she had the song stuck in her head and was just humming it alone. Then, she says "Mom I realized something, do the game with me" and when I start the song she said "haha you're saying doo doo". 😂

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