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My Son's Teacher Has Cancer And She Has A Message For You

When we first learned that my son's teacher was sick, we thought, "surely, she will be better soon and return to class." Little did we know, she was not just "sick" with a common cold, but rather, she had cancer and while she did return to see the kids a few times, she ultimately began her journey to fight this disease that came about so unexpectedly.

In my desire to respect this sweet family's privacy during a very difficult time, I will not go into too many specifics but I will share some information with all of you that I know is ok to do so. 

Having two little boys that are one year apart in school, so far, we have ended up having a teacher two years in a row as one boy moves on and the next moves up. Last year, we had the privilege of ending 1st grade with Mrs. Dana Birkhead with our oldest son and beginning 1st grade with our younger son!
We have always enjoyed having our boys close in age like this and repeating the same grade in school the following year. Knowing we would get to spend another year with Mrs. Birkhead was especially fun because she just seemed to "get" my sons in a very special way.
She took the time to get to know them as people and I really appreciated that. I enjoyed hearing her talk about the funny tidbits from their day.

Our story actually begins many years ago, before kids were even on my radar! I took a job teaching at the very same school that my kids now attend. During that time, Dana and I were coworkers for just one year before I moved on and changed career paths. Little did I know, many years later, my own kiddos would be students of Dana's! 

We were all shocked to hear that our beloved teacher was diagnosed with colon cancer. As often as cancer seems to rear it's ugly head in our lives, it never loses it's shock value when you hear that someone is diagnosed. Of course, our school community and our personal family was shocked and devastated to know that someone we cared so deeply for would have to battle this ugly disease. Dana is happily married and has two sweet children that are both in college. This was a time in her life to enjoy her family, not have to battle cancer.

However, instead of allowing this seemingly bad news to conquer her spirit, she decided that her faith was going to conquer her fear. Our school had t-shirts made in honor of Dana that state "Faith over Fear" and I do believe that our school family has taken on this same spirit in our daily lives, in honor of Dana.

Dana has taken to her personal Facebook page to share daily quotes encouraging others to trust God's timing and reminding each of us that God is faithful, loving, an ever present help in times of trouble and that we can be strong and courageous in the Lord. Seeing someone's faith be tested in the utmost way and then seeing their faith remain steadfast, is both beautiful and encouraging. 

I know it would be Dana's wish to every person that may read this, to not lose heart and not lose hope. Trust God's plan and give your fears to Him. He so desires to help us in our time of trouble and lovingly guide us as we navigate difficult waters. 

I want to thank you for taking the time to read about a very special lady that is loved by hundreds of students and their families. She has touched the lives of so many of us! If you would like to be a blessing to this family during their difficult time, we ask you to please pray for Dana. Prayer is the most beautiful way that we can speak to our Heavenly Father on her behalf. If you wish to bless the family further, I have included their paypal email account below. Cancer can take away a lot and these are important ways that we can give back to someone that we care about that is fighting for her life. The one thing that cancer cannot take away is Dana's spirit and her faith in the Lord's plan for her life. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayer and love. Presently, Dana is receiving chemo therapy treatment and stays hopeful in her journey. She trusts God's plan for her and knows that He is in control! He has great things in store for this family and He loves them so very much!

If you wish to bless the Birkhead family, you may do so via Paypal at: birkhead_paul@hotmail.com and also please keep Dana in your daily prayers!


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  1. It sure makes you think about what is really important in life. I wish her the best.


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