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How to work on freelance and not go crazy

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Working on social media attracts many with its free schedule and lack of office. On freelance, you can lead communities, customize ads and create designs for brand pages on social networks. It seemed that becoming a freelancer - you are one step away from the dream of travel and freedom, but in practice, freelancing is procrastination, deadlines and the inability to organize yourself. It's time to figure out how to become a freelancer and where to start.

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We tell you how to organize life so as not to escape from freelance to the office.

1. Find your work schedule

You no longer depend on the schedule of the company - which means that by becoming a freelancer you can work at a time convenient for you. Only it still needs to be determined.
Periods of activity in people occur at different times of the day. Someone is nicer to do all the work in the morning, so as not to worry about the rest of the day because of work. Other freelancers, by contrast, work late in the evening or at night, when nothing distracts from the business.
Try to work in different modes to find the best for yourself. Otherwise, you risk even spending all day on small tasks.
Having defined a convenient schedule, stick to it. Overworking will lead to the fact that you start to go to bed later - to get up later with a feeling of guilt and poor health, and as a result, you will lose the established model.

2. Prioritize

Without demanding messages from colleagues “How are things with the task”, you need to sort the projects by priority yourself.
Stick to the basic rules of time management: choose the most important task of the day, do it first. After that, take up less urgent matters.
Make a plan for the month: for all projects, as well as for strategic tasks: training, finding new customers, developing a personal brand. Regularly write a plan for a week and a day to evenly distribute the load, and not end up doing everything on the last night (both the quality of work and your well-being will suffer).
Highlight the main tasks for the day: no more than three. This will help to feel the completion of work to determine the end of the working day, which on freelance risks becoming round the clock.

3. Organize a place to work

The prospect of spending the day in bed sounds tempting, but believe me, the performance will be many times lower, and after a few days in this mode, you may desperately want to go to the office.
Organize your workplace. That is, really organize, and do not decide, “No, it won’t help me.” If you work at home, create silence by sending relatives to another room or using earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.
Take away unnecessary, distracting things. Create the right lighting for your work.
If you can’t concentrate at home, get out into the city. Suitable for you:


The atmosphere of the office, like-minded people around, but the places are quite expensive.

Coffee house

In some establishments, you can spend the whole day without receiving complaints from the waiters. True, do not test their patience and order something other than one cup of coffee for the five hours spent here.
The main coffee places have fast Wi-Fi.

Library and reading rooms

Silence, a working atmosphere, the Internet, sometimes even computers. Libraries are usually free.

4. Organize yourself to work

Get ready to go to work: change your pajamas to casual clothes, tidy your face and hair. 
When working on freelance, you must also strictly abide by this rule, otherwise, after a couple of weeks, you will find that you don’t remember what date it is and you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror. 

5. Defeat procrastination

When no one is looking at you, it's easy to put things off for later. And at home, you might be to distract by cleaning, going to the store and a million other incredibly important things.
Procrastination will become one of your main enemies as soon as you become a freelancer.
Techniques for quick immersion in work:

Break Method

Break the working time into intervals: 25 minutes you are working on the task, not being distracted by anything, then take a short break and again work 25 minutes.
To more conveniently track the change of work and rest, install the extension for the browser or use the online version of the tracker.

Execution at C-B-A

Make the task "at C grade" - finish it, without specifying details and difficult moments. If it was a question of preparing for exams, then the result is that you are poorly guided in the topic, but obviously, you once read about it. Your current work deserves a C grade
Then improve the work - “at B grade”. And only then, when all the work is done at a good level, perfect the individual parts, which would be “at A grade”.
This method will help defeat perfectionism and speed up tasks.

6. Do not give up

The first time after the office will be difficult: you have completely changed the rhythm of life and the mode of operation. Remember how you got used to working in office mode - at first, you probably couldn’t manage to arrive on time, get enough sleep and not stay late. 


If your first freelancer experience will not be like a dream day or even a friend’s success story, don’t panic. Over time, you will develop your rhythm, find methods that help you and learn how to distribute time between work and rest.

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