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Friday the 13th

I would not classify myself as a superstitious person, but so many people worry about bad karma and bad luck on Friday the 13th.  I have found that the number 13 is my lucky number.  My husband's badge number is 613, my house number is 413, and we are getting ready to celebrate 13 years together.  How can it be a bad thing?

Amazingly there are 13 common superstitions

1. Friday the 13th- Deemed superstitious because Friday is considered and unlucky day of the week and the number 13 is considered and unlucky number.  When the date and the day align to be the same it is considered an unlucky day.

2. No umbrellas inside

3. Cross Your Fingers

4. Make a Wish on a wishbone

5. Knock on Wood

6. The numbers 666

7.  7 years bad luck when breaking a mirror-
Did you know this superstition evolved from the time when the first humans saw their reflections in a pool of water, believed that the image in a water was their soul so if you damaged a mirror you were damaging your soul.

8. Bad luck comes in 3's

9. The Lucky Rabbit's Foot

10. Don't Let a Black Cat Cross Your Path

11. Don't Walk Under a Ladder

12. Find a Penny Pick it Up- All Day Long You'll Have Good Luck

13. Beginner's Luck

Do you know the history of  these superstitions? 
Are you superstitious?
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  1. I'm not particularly superstitious. I actually find Friday the 13th fun!

    1. It's funny I didn't think I was superstitious but I knock on wood and won't open an umbrella in the house


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