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Four Tiny Home Options

Tiny homes have exploded in popularity in recent years.  The obvious choice for a tiny home is a structure that is custom-built as a small dwelling. However, many people choose to utilize other types of structures for their tiny living space.

Quonset Huts

The relatively low cost, starting at just $10-$13 per square foot, durability and ease of setup has made Quonset huts a popular choice for tiny homes. Companies, like SteelMaster Buildings, offer prefabricated kits that can be assembled with a few people and basic tools. These kits don’t require any special expertise to construct, which both lowers the cost of constructing them and increases their utility as mobile dwellings. Quonset huts can withstand being assembled and torn down multiple times, which can make them a good choice for tiny homeowners who don’t want to stay in one place forever.


Bus Conversions

If mobility is a premium, a bus conversion might be the right choice for your tiny home. Many bus conversions are DIY projects, which helps to keep the costs down and the Internet is full of ideas and how-to information. With lengths up to 40’, school buses can be a good mobile option for people who don’t want to go too tiny. The abundance of windows allows for plenty of natural light, but homeowners looking for more privacy can install curtains. School bus companies often sell off older buses as they upgrade their fleet, making purchasing a pre-owned school bus an affordable option.

RV Conversions

Like school buses, RV’s come with the benefit of being able to be driven or pulled behind a vehicle, making them another good option for tiny homeowners who want to stay mobile. Unlike buses, RV’s were built to be lived in and already come equipped with amenities like sinks, stoves, beds, and bathrooms. You can buy an RV that is already move-in ready and simply decide to live in it full time or purchase one that needs a bit of TLC and customize it to your specific needs. Older model RVs can be had at much lower up-front costs, but you’ll need to make sure you know how much money will be required to make sure your home is functional. If you intend to drive your tiny home, you’ll want to make sure the engine is still in good condition.


If you’d like something a bit more out of the ordinary, a yurt might be a good option. Modeled after the traditional round tents used by Mongolian nomads, yurts are a unique structure that is sure to be a conversation starter with your neighbors. Yurts are a bit like tents on steroids. Like Quonset huts, they can be set up and torn down multiple times, but unlike tents, they can have amenities like fully functional kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’ve been itching to join the tiny house movement, but don’t want to settle for a standard prefab tiny home, one of these options may be perfect for your needs. With a bit of money, imagination, and elbow grease, you could be living your tiny dreams.

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