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Fetal Development In The First Weeks Of Pregnancy

Fetal Development In The First Weeks Of Pregnancy

There are many concerns that you may have if you are newly pregnant. You may be having lots of questions about what to expect. It can be helpful for you to know what to expect during this process as you prepare to become a mom.  

A predictable course usually occurs during fetal development. You can consult your weekly calendar to be aware of what is happening. There are a lot of processes happening to both you and the baby during this time. According to prccharlotte.com, taking care of yourself during the first trimester is critical for the baby’s foundational systems to be formed well.

Weeks 1 and 2 of Pregnancy

During this time, you are considered to not yet be pregnant. The moment after you experience your last period is when conception usually occurs. Your doctor counts your period as part of the pregnancy. This information is critical when it comes to predicting the due date.  

Week 3 of Pregnancy

The egg and sperm have finally joined. A zygote is formed that is present within your fallopian tubes. The zygote is usually very small during this time. Multiple zygotes may be formed if the splitting of a fertilized egg occurs. They may also be formed if multiple eggs are released. 

The chromosomes contain by the zygote determine the physical traits and sex of the baby. After fertilization takes place, the zygote heads to the uterus. Multiplication of cells within the zygote begins.  

Week 4 of Pregnancy

The burrowing of the uterine lining begins in week 4. This action is called implantation. It is done by the dividing cells which are now referred to as a blastocyst.   

The inner cells within the blastocyst form the embryo. The outer layer of the cells will form the placenta. The placenta is responsible for the nourishment of your baby during the pregnancy. 

Week 5 of Pregnancy

The level of HCG hormones within your body drastically increase during this week. The blastocyst is responsible for the production of this hormone. The production of progesterone and estrogen also increases. 

Your ovaries then stop releasing eggs. Your menstrual period stops due to the increased hormone levels. This is usually the first pregnancy sign.   

There are now 3 layers within the embryo. Your baby's skin, eyes, ears, and nervous systems develop from the top layer known as the ectoderm. The mesoderm is responsible for the development of your baby's circulatory system, heart, bones, and kidneys. The intestines and lungs of your baby developed with the inner layer called the endoderm. 

Week 6 of Pregnancy

Rapid growth is experienced during this week. The neural tube closes. The spinal cord and brain of your baby will develop from this tube. Your baby's heart is also starting to form. 

The development of your baby's ears and eyes kicks off. The appearance of small buds that will develop to form arms starts. A C-shaped curvature is taken by your baby during this phase. 

Week 7 of Pregnancy

The growth of your baby's face and its brain is happening. Structures that will form the nostril's depressions become visible. The retinas also start forming. Arms that had earlier been formed take the shape of paddles as the lower limb buds start developing. 

Week 8 of Pregnancy

The nose and upper lip of your baby start to form during this week. The shape of paddles start to happen on the lower limbs. The formation of fingers has also begun. In addition, the straightening of the neck and trunk happen during this week. 

Week 9 of Pregnancy

The arms of your baby grow. The appearance of its elbows follows. Eyelids and toes become visible. Your baby's chin is still poorly formed even though its head is large. 

Week 10 of Pregnancy

The head has now started to become round in shape. The bending of elbows is happening. Fingers and toes are becoming stronger. The umbilical cord can now be clearly seen. The development of the ears and eyelids continues.

Week 11 of Pregnancy

Your baby is now termed as a fetus. The development of the face continues. The head becomes larger during this week. Within your baby's liver, red blood cells start to form. The baby's genitals start to develop.  

Week 12 of Pregnancy

The formation of your baby's fingernails starts. The intestines are already within the abdomen. The formation of a more advanced profile is happening. The weight of your baby is approximately half an ounce by now. 

These twelve weeks cover the first trimester during pregnancy. They are critical in fetal development. They involve fertilization, the development of a zygote to a blastocyst which later forms the fetus with the mother's body.

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