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Do You Make Your Bed in the Morning?

Make the bed in the morning? I only do if I need it made or if we're having company over. We have a one story house so people are everywhere and in all the rooms if we have a party or something. Not all of my mornings look the same. I do stay home and we mostly go with the flow in the morning whenever the kids get up unless we have an appointment or something. 
When I was a child, I had to make my bed every morning. Even into my early adulthood I continued to make my bed in the morning. Now, with two littles, I find it less pressing to make my bed. I'd rather spend time playing, reading, or doing another chore. 

I will say that if I want to climb into a made bed and I haven't made it yet, I'll simply fix the sheets and comforter before I crawl in at night. 

How about you? 

Do you make your bed in the morning, at night, or not at all? 

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  1. I usually wait to make my bed until I've had some coffee and breakfast in the morning.


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