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Banish Your Dark Spots With The Banisher

Thank you to Banish for the products! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Looking to clear up acne scar or dark spots on your face? Look no further than Banish! Banish is a skin care system, using all-natural products. Best of all, there are no harsh chemicals that are used! I never had to deal with acne, but I used to break out quite frequently, especially during high school and college.
Unfortunately, I was always a “pimple popper” and that itself left several scars on my face. I wish I had been able to have something like this when I was breaking out from stress and the normal hormonal body changes. If you're like me, you are not willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on skincare, but you do care about the health of your skin. 

I received the Banish Kit 2.0. The kit includes the Banisher and vitamin E oil. Included in the package I received was vitamin C lotion and the Banisher stick! 

"The Banisher 2.0 makes microneedling easy and convenient. Features a twist off cap which protects the bristles on the Banisher and doubles as a small cleaning container where only a small amount of rubbing alcohol is uses. This lets your Banisher and rubbing alcohol last much longer!"

It is best used together with natural products like the Banisher Oil, or our Vitamin C Crème and Vitamin C Beauty Elixir."

The Banisher reminded me of acupuncture, which I enjoy! It doesn’t hurt, it just creates a small stinging sensation. Of course your facial skin is a bit sensitive after using it, but it is not uncomfortable. The vitamin E oil that you rub on following the usage of the Banish helps to hydrate your skin and soothes the areas that you “banished”. As recommended, I did this in the evening as you are not to wear makeup for eight hours following the usage of the Banish stick. 
The vitamin C lotion that is included I used in the morning prior to putting on makeup. My skin felt so smooth and firm after I put it on.

The added bonus of the Banish stick has quickly become one of my favorite things! While applying the vitamin E oil, using this helps to make sure the oil gets into all my pores and soothes the skin at the same time. I also usually wake up with puffy eyes and have lots of sinus issues. This stick has been wonderful for sinus pressure relief! I gently roll the Banish stick over my pressure points and cheeks and receive instant relief! 

The price point for these products are affordable for the results that you receive. I was quite pleased when my husband asked the other day, what I had been doing differently to my skin because it was looking great! I attribute that to Banish!

Aside from the wonderful products, Banish has partnered with many charities. Their mission is to create a community of people who spread positivity, confidence, and encouragement. What’s not to like about that? Meanwhile, if you'd like more skincare tips, visit Divabikini!

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Special thanks to Banish for allowing me to share about their awesome products!

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