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Where Are My Crab Fans? #MBPSummer19

If you have lived anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay, a table covered in newspaper with a couple of mallets and butter knives might look like a typical Saturday night!

Oh, how I miss steamed crabs and shrimp! The old bay, the vinegar, the melted butter, the crack of the shell and the soft, sweet and delicate meat inside! Recently, during a trip up to Maryland (where I was born and raised), we were able to pop in and bug my brother, his wife and their little guy for just one night during which time we had a crab feast! (Thanks, mom and dad!)

It was pretty epic, I have to say. I can only eat 2 to 3 crabs, but my husband (seen on the left hand side of the picture with a gigantic grin) sat and cracked at least 10 crabs. My brother and sister-in-law happen to live in an area (near the water) where summer crab feasts are common and you do not have to travel far to find a local establishment with the best seafood around.

Yes, please. Yes. 

Oh, how I miss this! Have you ever experienced steamed, Maryland blue crabs? Do you know the proper way to eat a crab? Comment below and let me know if you're as much of a crab fan as a I am!


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