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The practice of playing video games or using social network apps is more of an opportunity in my opinion than a threat. It offers the opportunity to work with others, to exchange, to facilitate networking, which is very beneficial for shy individuals. However, in case of excess, loss of control, these activities can become dangerous at three levels:

At the metabolic level: the inactivity linked to activities on screens increases the risk of suffering from obesity. Let's not forget the teachings of prehistory: it was when we came out of Africa and we straightened up (bipedalism) that the brain could increase in size. Doing a lot of steps each day is not a fashion (transient) but a necessity for our brain.

Neurologically: the excessive use of video games and screens in general increases the risk of suffering epileptic seizures (for individuals with a predisposition on this point), eyestrain and circadian rhythm disorders. Blue light maintains the level of cortisol (waking hormone) at a high level and can lead to sleep disorders in the case of activities on screens at night.

On a psychological level: the sustained exposure to video games can lead to confusion between the real and the virtual. In some mass killings, the overconsumption of video games could trigger a passage to the act of violence exacerbated.

Finally, the specific danger of the intensive use of social networks is the lack of hindsight and, ultimately, the fact of no longer showing free will for lack of culture of doubt, skepticism.
Next comes the question; how can parents save their kid from all the threats mentioned above? The answer is simple; by controlling their use. Apps like FamilyTime parental control app help a great deal in this regard. Having this app in hands, parents can:

*View all the installed apps and see which ones are keeping them occupied.
*Block those apps to end the root cause of their addiction.
*Check app usage frequency and see the time spent in each app
*Block those apps to end the root cause of their addiction.
*Allow kids the specific minutes or hours of screen time by setting screen limits within the app
*Help kids manage their own screen time allocated to them from FamilyTime TimeBank
*Schedule auto screen locks on kids’ device to hinder the usage in the later or the odd hour
*Remotely lock their screens to restrict their access.
*Do this for bedtime, dinner time, homework time and customized times as well.
*Temporarily block system apps and 3rd party apps.
There are many other valuable features offered by FamilyTime. Do you want to know about them? Explore yourself. The FamilyTime app is available for a free trial of 3 days with all its premium features. So, what are you waiting for now? Get FamilyTime for your Android or iOS device simply by visiting the app store on your device.

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