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The Final Five- Wrapping Up Our Summer Vacation

Happy Wednesday, friends! We are just five days away from the first day of school and we're using the remaining days to get a few last-minute errands out of the way and get back on a school schedule, while still having as much fun as we possibly can. Today, we might have to skimp a bit on the "fun" part, since we need to go grocery shopping and pick up some school supplies we haven't grabbed just yet, but I do have a few ideas!

According to the weather forecast, we'll be experiencing scattered thunderstorms today, so I'm thinking of doing an indoor treasure hunt. The girls love geocaching, we all do, so an indoor treasure hunt will be great fun. I think before we go out to run our errands, I'll put together a few reverse alphabet ciphers for the girls to solve after lunch. They love solving puzzles and I love when they work together. 

After our treasure hunt, we'll have to take in a movie. I'm always torn between checking out new releases on the streaming sites or introducing the girls to movies I loved when I was younger. For the most part, they enjoy watching "classics" and I really get a kick out of their reactions to how things were so different (no cell phones, the use of payphones & pagers, dial-up internet, polaroid and/or disposable cameras etc.) That seals it, we're going to have to find an oldie. 

Let's talk indoor/rainy day adventures. What are some of your favorites?  Leave a comment below or catch me on social media @mommysblockparty on Facebook or @beautyrepv on Twitter and IG.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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