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The Best Natural Hair Product For Men To Help With Baldness

In recent times, medical science has been able to figure out the core cause of hair loss in men. Men who experience balding have higher levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT, which is the reason for hair loss) and by controlling DHT, one can slow the progress of hair loss and in some cases even reverse it.

Profollica is the latest shampoo in the market that effectively combats against excessive DHT build-up, fighting hair loss and reversing its effects in the process. A 2-part hair loss treatment system, Profollica consists of a daily supplement and an activator gel that contains Trichogen. The daily supplement is in the form is pills and derived from amino acids, herbs and enzymes which not only regulate the DHT in your hair follicles, but it also protects against lifestyle factors such as pollution, unhealthy diet, and stress.

The activator gel is the “shampoo” in this equation and is applied in the same way you would apply any other shampoo. Packed with nutrients that are vital for your hair including niacin, vitamin B-12, Pantothenic acid, folic acid, and chlorophyll, the activator gel not only works to stop and reduce hair loss but also stimulates healthy hair growth.

It could be that the above claims sound very similar to other miracle products that have been introduced from time to time, but the difference in Profollica’s case is the scientific studies that have been carried out. In a clinical study, participants had been put on a Profollica regimen for 112 days, with a 90% success rate for the reduction of hair loss. 87% of the participants experienced regrowth from areas where they had already lost hair.

As for side effects, due to the natural and organic ingredients being used, there have been no reported side effects, as opposed to side effects for other treatment options. Such side effects have included sexual side effects such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, abnormal ejaculation, and decreased ejaculatory volume, and gynecomastia. Profollica claims to not have any such side effects due to being a natural and organic hair loss treatment. it might be a good idea to still discuss with your doctor if you have concerns.

Another advantage of Profollica is that you do not need a prescription as you would with other hair loss treatment plans. As there are no synthetic chemicals being used, and there have been no reported side effects from testing and reported usage, you should be able to buy Profollica over the counter or from a vendor without much hassle.

Considering all of the above, it’s no wonder why Profollica is becoming a popular option for hair loss treatment. The natural organic ingredients, along with no reported side effects, and an economical price, it does make it one of the better options in the market for hair loss treatment today. So, go on a try one of the best natural hair growth products for men – Profollica Shampoo

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