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The Benefits of Having A Private Tour Guide

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Going on a family vacation is perhaps the most looked forward event in the summer, but it can be quite a challenge when you have to think of everything from packing your kid’s pants and pajamas to organizing your trip and deciding which places you are going to visit.
I have to say that a private tour turned out to be one of the best decisions we made lately, not because we are snobs who can’t bother themselves to organize their vacation, but because things are so pleasant and comfortable when professionals do it for you. It is the best way to have a laidback and organized vacation.
I can go on with my list of the benefits but here are some of the best.

1.     No waiting – No person in this world would rather spend two hours in line waiting to enter a museum instead to skip it and enter right ahead. When booking a tour, make sure you pick agencies (if you want to visit places that require waiting in lines) that are offering this option. Plenty of museums or sites (parks, castles, etc.) collaborate with tour guides or agencies; this way, the tour guides/agencies have benefits such as priority entrance.
2.     Learn something new – Roaming a new city on your own is pleasant, but if you want to learn something more about the place, it would be better if you hire a travel guide. Local guides know the city better than any website you use to learn a few info. When you hire such a service, you get to see places that you might not even notice if you are visiting alone. In my case, we hired these professionals; we got to see Barcelona in its entire glory.
3.     Saving time – If you have limited time to visit the city, you will certainly not be able to see most of it. No matter how well you plan, you will miss something. Usually, private tour guides offer smaller groups which allow you to move faster and do not need to spend the entire day in one place.
4.     Personalized tour – If you are traveling with your kids, it is the smartest way to pick a personalized tour. This way, you can choose the locations that work the best for you (the guide will tell you what places are kids friendly) and get to see only the things you want to see. It certainly saves you time and energy, but also you wouldn’t have to deal with other tourists and waste your precious time.
5.     Perfect for language barrier – Not every country you visit will have people who speak good English. So, instead of spending time explaining yourself, or trying to learn some local phrases, book a private tour and help yourself. Your tour guide will do all the talking, and you will have a trusted person who speaks English well.
6.     All questions will be answered – Your tour guide will know the local history well but also will know where the best restaurants and stores are. He or she will tell you where you can get souvenirs for lower prices, but also hospitals, embassy, police, bars, restaurants and soon. Your tour guide will tell you all the useful info you need to know while you are there.

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