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Savoring the Last Few Weeks of Summer Break

Has your summer seemed to fly by? This summer, we've traveled less, and yet, it has felt busier and shorter than recent summer breaks. With school starting oh, so soon, we still have a lot to get done and tons of things to cram into a short period of time. We had such a long bucket list of things we wanted to go and people we wanted to see, and I promised my oldest child in particular, that I would make the last two weeks of his summer break as fun as possible.

All the small things, which equal big, memorable moments

Fun at a recent pool party with friends.

This week kicked off the two and a half week countdown to the start of the new school year for my son. As much as he wants to be back with his friends and has missed his teachers, I know he's not ready for the 6 am alarm just yet. We've slept in a little bit this week, but we've also been out the door early for summer music and arts camp at our church. Camp has been keeping us busy in the mornings, and our afternoons have been filled with playdates, summer reading, and hubs and I even got a night out with friends this week.

We reconnected with some past school friends for fun in the sun!

We have had four playdates in the past week and a half. I think this is the most playdates we've had in such a short span of time, but the kids are loving it, and I am, as well. I love to see their happy little faces light up when they see their friends- especially friends that they don't get to see on a regular basis at school. We've had pool days, water balloon fights, family celebrations, and we're gearing up for a visit from my sister and brother in law, who will be visiting from Oklahoma for a whole week. We can't wait to see them! We're looking forward to a few little day trips next week to Asheville, the water park, and then spending a few days at the beautiful lake together.

As much as I'm not ready to pack lunch boxes and have a set morning routine again, I know it'll be good for the kids to get back to normal. We've had such an easy summer this year, and it's hard to say goodbye to leisurely mornings and spontaneous outings. Knowing that we'll have a jam-packed fall season makes us want to kick back and savor these last few weeks and days of summer break as much as possible.

How have you been enjoying your summer? 
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