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Moitié Lash Kit

Thank you to Moitié Cosmetics. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

There is no more motivation to look even better than the thought of someone's phone constantly taking pictures. The holidays are when everyone gets together and lots of photos are taken. Moitié Lash Kit is an affordable way to get long, luscious lashes for this holiday season. Easy to apply and easy to maintain, these are perfect for a little sprucing up for all those holiday pictures.

Founded by the World's Youngest Female Commercial Pilot, Sima Mosbacher, Moitié Cosmetics was her solution to harsh salon solutions that left her lacking confidence and lost some of her lashes and eyebrows. 

The in-home Moitié Cosmetics Lash Kits give women a viable, efficient, and affordable solution to once was a salon only process. Moitié Cosmetics focuses on quick, easy, and beautiful. The lashes only take 5 minutes to apply and highlight one's eyes and face in the most natural way. 

I have never ever put any lash extensions on as I'm a pretty simple gal and never really needed lash boosts, but wanted to try them to see how they did.

The application was very simple, as advertised, and I liked having the extra length on my lashes for a themed wedding I was a part of.

Want them? Buy them!

Moitié Cosmetics Lash Kits are only $99 right now, down from $200. If you have ever wanted to try lash extensions, now is the time. 

Are you going to try Moitié Cosmetics Lash Kits or buy them for someone else? 

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