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LONECONE Backpacks and Lunch Boxes: Perfect for Back to School!

This mama is having a bit of a difficult time this year. This year my oldest starts preschool. I feel like he was born, I blinked, and now he's off to learn and make friends at school. Hendrix has always been a mama's boy and a homebody. I used a countdown to get him excited for school and then he was able to choose an awesome LONECONE Backpack and Lunch Box, choosing the dinosaur pattern. He was ready!

School. Supply. Shopping. 
Three of the most anxiety ridden and overwhelming words to parents in this season of school starting. The lists can be long and specific, but when you're looking for a backpack and lunch box, look no further than Lone Cone for quality and a variety.

As a newbie, I wasn't sure what kind of backpack or lunch box to find. I had the amazing opportunity to work with LONECONE. 

The backpacks are sturdy, have multiple pouches, and have straps that are a little cushy for the little kids. Hendrix has been so excited for school and he was ready to carry that backpack into his classroom. 

The LONECONE Backpack is the perfect size for all of Hendrix's papers, water bottle, an extra set of clothes, and anything other items he may need to carry. 

I was actually very impressed with the size of the lunch box; it is actually holds all of what Hendrix would eat for a meal and even a small water bottle. The zippers are nice and the handle makes it very easy for Hendrix to carry. 

Want it? Buy it!

The LONECONE Backpacks run $33.99 and have 13 different patterns. The LONECONE Lunch Boxes are $14.99 and have similar patterns. 

LONECONE has the perfect backpack for your kiddo this school year. 

Which LONECONE pattern would your little one like best? 

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