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Life is Too Short- Do the Things that Make you Smile

Do you worry that something you want to do will make others frown or look at you funny?  Do you second guess decisions because you feel guilty for putting yourself first?  I'm here to tell you... Don't.

One of the best pieces of advice I received is that when you get married you have to put your spouse first.  Stand behind him, support him, and honor what he sets with your children.  At first, I thought it was a weird thing, because what mom doesn't put her children first? Over the years I can tell you most all arguments started about the kids.  My method of parenting is vastly different than my husband's.  I am an enabler.  I don't want my children to feel an ounce of sadness so I worked hard to prevent them from experiencing a very common emotion.  As they got older I struggled with letting them grow up.  I wanted them to stay my babies so much so that I let them get into that entitled phase which is not a smart move.  Trying to curb that was a nightmare but we did.

Now they are both looking out on the world trying to make their mark and I am left trying to figure out who I am.  My title for more than half of my life is Mom.  For 8 years my other title is wife, but who am I?  So I am struggling with this and trying to find my own place and my own title for me.  For more than half my life I lived in a role that defined me and while it is the best role in the world, it also makes me wonder what I am contributing to the world as a whole. 

I have looked for hobbies, but with my work schedule and my everyday life sometimes it is hard to stick with one or even to make the time.  The thing I am learning now is that you have to make the time.  No one is going to give it to you and if you don't take the time you will have regrets.  It is said that you only have one life to live... is your life the life you want to have?  Do you want to have regrets?

Each day I am trying to do one good deed for myself and if it impacts others then so be it.  I know my place is making others smile and being there for others.  Call it my motherly instincts but I want to be the calm to someone's storm.  I want to be the light that guides someone home.  Maybe this post will be something that helps you be a better you or even make you realize just how important you are.  Make time for others, but also make time for you.

How do you make time for everything you need/want to do?
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