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How to Use CBD Oil: Is Taking it under the tongue best?

Placing CBD oil under the tongue is one of the most popular and efficient ways to take CBD into our bodies.

Often called the sublingual method, this means of consuming CBD oil is even hailed by many to be the most effective technique for them to experience the benefits of CBD quickly.

But why should we take a particular interest in how we take our CBD oil?

Well, it’s because the rate of absorption, and how much of those valuable cannabis components are absorbed will depend on how CBD enters our system.

Although there are certainly several ways that CBD oil can be used, not all are equally effective.

I’m here to lay out the facts regarding the sublingual method of taking CBD oil to help you decide if it is indeed the best one that will suit your needs. Furthermore, if you're looking for research regarding which brands to go with, check out best CBD brand UK.

Benefits of Choosing the Sublingual Method to Take CBD Oil

There are undoubtedly several advantages of placing CBD oil under the tongue, but I will be giving three common reasons why people pick this over other methods.

The sublingual method offers an easy way to get the required dose of CBD into the body.

Even though I can’t exactly say that it is the most convenient method, it is still simpler than
other means. You only need a few seconds to put the drops under your tongue and be on your

Most CBD oil bottles are also handy enough to fit into your pocket or purse, making it easy to
carry them around. All it takes is a quick trip to the bathroom or your car if you need to take
your dose.

#1 Sublingual administration is among the quickest ways to absorb CBD into the system.

There is an abundance of capillaries located under our tongues. Once the drops get diffused 
here, it only takes a short while before capillaries circulate the oil throughout the body.

Let me go into detail to paint you a clearer picture.

Dropping CBD oil under the tongue instead of swallowing it immediately or mixing it with food
or drinks allows us to avoid its passing through the liver and the rest of the digestive system.

This is very much different from what happens when you consume CBD by swallowing.

The oil has to go through the whole digestive process, which we know takes a fairly long time.
Imagine having to wait for it to go through the stomach, intestines, and even the liver.

CBD and other vital hemp oil compounds also do not get broken down by enzymes when
directly absorbed under the tongue. 

Thus, going under the tongue enables CBD to be promptly received by your bloodstream, where
it doesn’t take long before you start to feel its effects. 

#2 The sublingual method allows greater absorption of CBD into the body.

If you haven’t heard of bioavailability, let me tell you that it has a lot to do with why taking CBD
oil under the tongue is the most recommended method by experts.

When we talk about CBD bioavailability, we speak of the rate and degree at which a compound
is taken in by our bodies. 

Therefore, when something highly bioavailable, it just means that the body can absorb a
considerable percentage of it.

How we administer CBD oil into our bodies significantly affects bioavailability. 

A study has revealed that sublingual consumption of CBD increases bioavailability by as much as
25% when compared with swallowing.

This is why people who put CBD oil under their tongues feel the potency and effectiveness of
the compound better than when they employ other methods of consumption.

As I’ve discussed above, having the CBD oil pass through the digestive tract will lead to
the stripping away of some nutrients. Its potency is thus already significantly decreased when it 
reaches the bloodstream.

How Long Does It Usually Take Before the Effects are Felt?

I wish I could give a definitive answer, but the truth is every CBD oil user is unique. There are many factors to consider when determining the speed at which the effects of CBD can be felt.

Aside from a person’s age, weight, and physical condition, other considerations that come into play include the quality of the CBD oil, the dosage, and the symptom being treated.

However, when talking about consuming CBD oil sublingually, the average time for the CBD to work is from 20 to 30 minutes. The effects could last for about four to six hours. 

What Is the Recommended Way to Consume CBD Oil Sublingually?

Most dosing instructions that come with CBD oil products suggest that you hold the CBD oil under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing the excess.

Although the oil is better absorbed the longer it stays under your tongue, this is often hard to do when you are on-the-go, or when other tasks need to be done.

I should mention that many CBD oils don’t have a pleasant taste, so about a minute is probably the best that most people can do.

Take note that there are also CBD sublingual sprays that are available out there. 

With regards to the serving size, I would say that you should follow the suggestion that came with your CBD oil product. 

If you’re just starting, begin with the smallest dose possible, and work your way up if you need to increase the potency. As many would say, it’s mostly a case of trial and error.

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How You Take Your CBD Ultimately Depends on the Results You Want

In the end, it’s up to you to choose which method you think best addresses the health issues you have.

The sublingual method is but one of many ways, but it is unquestionably one of the most effective.

A large percentage of CBD and other cannabinoids can reach the bloodstream quickly, and offer you relief more effectively.

So, if you want to this, along with a convenient way to take your CBD dose, then placing CBD oil under the tongue is the way to go.

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