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How a Life Coach Can Help You Regain Control

The stress of modern-day life can get to us all! If you’re a parent then you will know that sometimes trying to balance work, a social life, the gym and everything else you have going on can more than a full-time job. Sometimes it might just feel impossible. 
With most people always on-the-go it’s common for one aspect of life to encroach onto another. Not getting enough sleep at home will affect you in the office the next day. Your child being ill may mean you have to miss a social event you’ve had planned for months.

One way to re-gain control and start being happier and more productive is by giving your brain some free space to have a bit of a workout. In the same way that people use personal trainers to exercise their body, a life coach can help you to get back on track and refresh your way of thinking. 
People can sometimes be turned off by the thought of life coaches but they are helping more people to overcome stress and fears and lead happier lives. Some of the areas in which a life coach can help you to change your outlook are:    
Stress impacts everyone at some point in their life. Some of the key symptoms of stress include lack of energy, back pain, trouble sleeping and in more extreme cases alcohol or drug misuse. Studies show that women react differently to stress than men and are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of stress.   
According to Alan Whitton life coach the first steps in relieving stress involves recognizing and understanding triggers. These triggers can then be diffused through Neuro-Linguistic Programming and new behaviors can be learned. Over time you can learn to recognize triggers and react to them in a positive way that does not induce stress. 
Communication is vital in a relationship and one of the most common causes of break-ups is communication breakdown. A life coach will help you to identify what you want your relationship to look like and advise you on positive steps you can take to help get you there. 
If you have ever been in a relationship that broke down and you are finding it hard to trust or communicate with new people a life coach can help here too.

You can find out if you're likely to be dumped in your state before pursuing your next relationship or even while in your current one.

By teaching you to empathize only with those you want to and not let people manipulate you a life coach will help to build your confidence in yourself as a person which will put you in control. 
Work and Sports Performance 
A life coach can help with a range of work performance-related issues. Low motivation can impact performance but activities like public speaking can also be crippling for confidence. Not surprisingly about 41% of people named public speaking as the thing they were most afraid of.
A mixture of training methods including NLP can be used to help build confidence and create that winning mentality to help you succeed. It’s not just with business performance that this can be associated with. Many athletes now have coaches to help them prepare for events mentally as well as coaches that help prepare them physically. 

Life coaching may not be for everyone but it is a great way to give your brain a work-out and reconnect with elements that will help you to lead a happier and stress-free life. 

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