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How Does Juvederm Work and How Long Does the Effect Last?

The Juvederm preparation is an advanced type of the filler made in the USA. It is used for contour plasty and it ensures a comprehensive cosmetic approach to correct facial features and improve the condition of the skin. The technique is undoubtedly effective and is in demand among women of all ages. The preparation is produced in several varieties. When choosing a suitable product it is worth considering a specialist's advice. 

Key Characteristics of the Product

The distinctive feature of this product is its formulation. Concentrated hyaluronic acid is in the first place. It is clean from harmful components that can cause hypothetical damage to the skin cells. Phosphate buffer is in the second place. It has anti-inflammatory properties so this decreases the likelihood of adverse reactions after the administration of the preparation. 

How Does the Product Work?

The filler is used for all types of wrinkles on the face, neck and hands. It is also widely used to correct the shape of the lips. Women who want to get a smooth shape without a clearly defined contour are the ones who have it made. It is not recommended to inject this product under the eye area, as it retains moisture and can cause complications such as edema and pain. The filler should be selected according to the cosmetologist's recommendations.

Types of Products

There are several types of products available on this site.

Hydrate. It is used in case of age-related skin changes. Component 1 is MANNITOL. This ingredient helps to remove toxins from all skin layers and replenish the required volume of HC. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Ultra. The product has been tested thoroughly and it is compatible with human skin cells. The formulation contains an anesthetic that eliminates pain during administration. 

Ultra 2. The product is intended for delicate areas of the skin and assists in the immediate fight against "crow's feet". It is effective in the area around the lips. 

Ultra 3. The composition suppresses all kinds of "symptoms" of aging and is often used to augment the volume in the area of the lips. The filler is also frequently recommended for cheekbones.

Ultra 4. The product is the most viscous one, so it combats even the deepest wrinkles. 
Smile. This product is used exclusively for shaping beautiful lips. It is used less often to reduce skin aging in this area. 

Contraindications and Restrictions

The main task of the physician in charge of the procedure is first of all not to do harm to the patient's health. Therefore, there are several conditions in which this filler is not used:

benign or malignant neoplasms;
individual intolerance to certain components;
the likelihood of an aggressive skin reaction to the injection;
development of diabetes mellitus regardless of its type;
epithelial nodules;
pregnancy or breastfeeding;
inflammatory external processes;
autoimmune pathologies;
increased body temperature. 

Who is the Preparation Suitable for?

You will have to stop using antibiotics 2 weeks prior to the supposed beginning of the course. It is also worth abstaining from caffeine, alcoholic beverages and spices for a few days.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

The effect is maintained for up to one year. If first-generation preparations are used, it lasts 9 months. 

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