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Having Sleep Trouble? Top Tips for Tired New Moms

Motherhood is as exhausting as it is rewarding. There’s no doubt you love your baby, but let’s face it…you probably wish you could get some deserved rest.

Babies require constant care and attention. Day after day, you are drained of energy. And if they wake up crying during the night, getting rest will be impossible.

Sleep deprivation isn’t just an annoyance. It can make your job as a parent much harder. Try these tips to find some shuteye.

Get Your Baby to Sleep Better

Easier said than done. We all wish our babies would sleep more. When your baby sleeps more, you sleep more. But there are some ways you can actually make this happen.

·        Make daytime feel busy and lively. This will help them be tired by bedtime.
·        Try to stick to a regular schedule. A typical bedtime routine can help your baby unwind.
·        Consider co-sleeping. Babies tend to rest better when they are with a parent. To co-sleep safely, get a bedside crib. Plus, if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, they are within arm’s reach. You can comfort or feed them without having to get up.    

Even if your baby sleeps through the night, it can be hard for you to get a good night’s rest. This is normal. New moms are flooded with nervousness, restlessness, and euphoria.

Moms need to be well-rested. This will help you best take care of your family. Try some of these other tips:

Avoid Electronics Before Bed

Your baby is finally asleep! It can be tempting to catch up on the latest show, but maybe you shouldn’t reach for the remote. Electronic screens emit blue light that reduces melatonin production. This makes it harder to fall asleep.

Wind Down

Your days are hectic. Find something that will help you wind down. Listen to peaceful music. Read a book. These relaxing activities can make it easier to get some rest.

Just Lie Down

At night, you might not feel like sleeping. Maybe you’re beyond the point of exhaustion. Maybe you want to finish up chores.

Just lie down. Remember that it is important for you to be well-rested. You might not realize how tired you are until you jump into bed. Lying down can be rejuvenating even if you don’t quite fall asleep.

Have Someone Else Take the Night Shift

Babies are notorious for waking up in the middle of the night. Have someone else take the late shift to help you sleep. This can be a partner, visiting family member, or friend.

If your baby bottle-feeds, it’s easier for someone else to feed them. If you breastfeed, consider pumping milk to have on hand.

Don’t Take on Too Much

As a new parent, your focus should be on your child. Don’t feel obligated to commit to other responsibilities. Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job!

Accept help when it’s offered. People in your life are more than willing to lend a hand. They might do anything from babysitting to helping out with chores.

When you get a break, take a nap. Find a cool, dark area and close your eyes. Don’t keep track of how much time you have left. Just enjoy the moment of peace while you can.

Entertaining Guests

There are helpful guests. Then there are not-so-helpful guests. People eager to spend time with your baby might not realize you need a break from company.

Don’t feel obligated to entertain visitors all the time. They can drain you of your much-needed energy. Family and friends should understand and respect this. They should be there to see the baby and help out, not to receive hospitality.

The Bottom Line

No one ever said motherhood is easy. Hopefully, you can find some shuteye with the help of these tips. Sweet dreams! 

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