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Great Benefits Of Transparent Burglar Bars

It’s important to keep your home and family safe no matter the cost. News of crimes have prompted many homeowners to take significant strides in terms of home security, but being safe doesn’t mean compromising the aesthetic appearance of your property. 

In South Africa, a new innovation that is growing in popularity is clear transparent burglar bars, which are modeled after traditional burglar bars but come with more benefits.

What Are Transparent Burglar Bars?

Transparent burglar bars are a superior alternative to traditional burglar bars, which, in the past, have given many homes the impression of looking like prison cells, thus decreasing their overall aesthetic value. These innovative intruder deterrents are great for any home as they are made from special polycarbonate materials that can resist not only forced entry but the harsh South African climate as well.

Special polycarbonate is used in a variety of applications such as transparent bulletproofing, military jet cockpits, and ballistic shields for law enforcement.

The Benefits of Transparent Burglar Bars and Why You Need Them

Nowadays, locks, windows, and even complex home security systems may not be enough to stop intruders from potentially doing harm to you, your family, and your property. For a stronger layer of defense, invest in transparent burglar bars so you can achieve the following benefits:

1. Keep Your Family Safe from Intruders

The main purpose of transparent burglar bars is to hinder intruders from entering your house at all costs. They are highly durable and can withstand any attempts at forced entry, allowing you and your family to be able to sleep soundly at night.

Transparent burglar bars can be connected to your security system, making for a more holistic approach to your home security. This way, your family can have a hard barrier entry combined with a signal system for intrusions.

2. Durable and Require Low Maintenance

As mentioned, polycarbonate forms are used to make specialized military equipment that keeps law enforcement and military personnel safe. They have proven their durability in military applications, thus making them perfect for civilian use. 

Since they are made from polycarbonate materials that do not oxidize to form rust, you will also not have to deal with ugly brown stains after a few years of having them installed. You also do not have to paint them, have the rust removed or have them welded again. In fact, the only maintenance you will ever need to do with transparent burglar bars is to clean them while you perform normal cleaning activities on your home’s windows. 

3. Preserve the Aesthetic of Your Home

Traditional burglar bars can often be unsightly and can destroy the image of what your house is really meant to look like. Using traditional burglar bars often makes once beautiful residences appear like miniature prison cells. Not only does this make your house look unappealing and even intimidating, but this can also dramatically decrease your property’s value should you decide to sell it in the future. 

Polycarbonate bars are also very versatile when it comes to installation and you do not need to have them welded onto your window frames. They allow for custom fits on any many kinds of windows, large or small. Another great thing about them is that installation is also easy to execute.

4. They Let the Sunlight through Your Home

Traditional burglar bars can prevent up to 25% of natural light from entering your house. Instead of having natural lighting, you have to resort to artificial lighting even though it’s daytime. With transparent burglar bars, you can light your home the right way and don’t need to worry about dim interiors, which may potentially cause vision problems because of the imbalanced lighting. Additionally, transparent burglar bars can also contribute to energy-efficiency as you would need to use less of artificial lighting during the day. This can lead to savings on your electricity bills. 

From the inside, these transparent bars allow you to have unobstructed views to the outside of your home. This way, you can enjoy both natural lighting as well as the relaxing view outside your house. 

5. Cost-Effective Investment

Security costs money and the great thing of transparent burglar bars is that they are a pretty cost-effective solution to the needs of many families. They offer superior quality without having any maintenance costs that you have to deal with from time to time. They also increase the value of your home since they are an innovative security feature.


At the end of the day, it is up to you to ensure the safety and security of your family and property. Always be on the lookout for innovations, and remember that being safe and secure doesn’t mean you should sacrifice aesthetics for safety and vice versa.

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