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Eyebrow tattooing can give natural-looking fuller brows

Tattoos on your eyebrows may not be the same as the tattoos on your body. Eyebrow tattoos or microblading is the hottest trend in fashion and beauty. Tattoos became relatively popular with women as the 1920s came around. Today, women of all ages are crazy about having perfectly crafted eyebrows that only tattooing can do with utmost finesse. Once done, it will be hard for people to make out that it is the handiwork of a makeup artist. The method of using pigments and pricking the skin to immerse the color under the skin bears so much close resemblance to the method of tattooing that people lovingly call it eyebrow tattoos.
Those with thin or over-plucked eyebrows would find the technique of creating semi-permanent eyebrows most useful.  It will not be wrong to say that women are just too much obsessive with eyebrows, and it is perhaps a reason for the popularity of the tattooing technique. Women in their quest of perfect eyebrows are embracing the technique that has taken the world of beauty and fashion by storm.
It is eyebrow embroidery
The aesthetic elements involved in creating eyebrows in the way you want to make comparisons with embroidery that creates beautiful handcrafted designs on fabrics. The technique uses pigments like the ones used in tattoo to fill in existing eyebrow hairline. The eyebrow artist uses a pen-like tool that has about a dozen micro-needles fixed to it that pricks the skin and creates pores to allow the pigment pass into the upper layer of the skin where it resides for very long time. Many call it permanent makeup and some call it semi-permanent but let us look into what it is.
Permanent or semi-permanent?
As compared to any other makeup technique, eyebrow tattoo lasts much longer, but it will be wrong to think that it will last your lifetime. By usual standards, the created eyebrows look bright for about 2-3 years after which it starts fading. You must redo the eyebrows to restore its initial looks and appeal. The eyebrows though remain in place for many more years, which can make it earn the permanent label. Redoing it helps to maintain its liveliness and it imitates real eyebrows.
No downtime but the process takes time
The beauty of eyebrow tattoo is that it does not have any downtime. You can walk out of the salon to resume your normal lifestyle without waiting to recover from the process. However, you need to spend about 2-3 hours in the salon to complete the intricate process. It can take about a week for the area to heal entirely during which you must keep it dry. To facilitate bathing, use Vaseline on the eyebrows when you do under the shower.

The added attraction of eyebrow tattooing is that it requires minimal maintenance. You need a follow-up appointment with the artist to fill any remaining gap and add color to add dimension and boost the shape of eyebrow that enhances the overall effect. Only after 2-3 years that it would need a fresh color boost.

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